1st 20 mile week (Read 758 times)

    I am glad I got this one under my belt in 2008. Although I am equally glad that next week is a cut back week. Today's 9.5 mile long run is more than my weekly mileage when I started in Feb. First thing to tackle in 2009...A double digit run! I'm loving the continued progress running is bringing to my life. Smile Happy New Year!
      Debbie that's great! Congratulations on your achievements, and here's hoping that 2009 brings many more!! Wait'll you start telling yourself you're "gonna do a quick 10K for an easy day today." Wink

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        Way to go, Debbie! JV is right. Now a 6-mile run is just average for me, when it used to seem like an impossible idea. Today's 7-mile run was so much fun! One of those days when I really felt like a runner, rather than an imposter! Smile
          Congratulations. As it's been said, it's amazing to look back and see the psychological advances one makes through their running. When four miles used to be long, and now four miles is just the average, run of the mill...run. Keep it up!
            Debbie - You're doing pretty darn good and making some nice progress. Soon enough if you keep it up, a 20 mile week will be the norm for you soon and you'll be posting that you ran 30 or 40 miles for a week...I can see this happening sometime later this year if you keep moving forward. GOOD JOB... Big grin Big grin Big grin

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              Congrats! Excellent work. Smile Good luck on your new goals for this year. Please keep us informed.
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                Awesome! Big grin

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                  20 miles really feels like a big deal doesn't it? I felt like I had arrived when I got there Smile Good Job keep it up!