Customizable Measures? (Read 416 times)


    Is there a possibility of adding a feature that would allow a user to add customized measures to their log that they wish to log? I ask because while most users might not be interested in tracking their steps or their BMI, or if they tied their left shoe first before their right shoe, many might be interested in adding one or more of these measures to their log. You know where you allow users to select different workout types? Well, perhaps you could add a range of measures that users have requested, and some could select them as they wish, and they could be displayed on the "New Run Entry" in a box of their own under say, Miscellaneous Measures. One user might have 15 different miscellaneous measures, another might have none. But all would have the option to track something that is important to them but maybe not important, or not important enough, to another user. Thoughts? -F
      Finbarr, I need to think about this one. This feature will probably be used mainly by advanced users. I can probably add it when I split the log entry pages into basic and advanced, but it won't happen for probably 6 months. eric Smile

        Coolio. No rush. I like the log the way it is. It more than satisfies my needs. I saw a need and thought I could offer a possible solution plan. I'm just thoughtful like that Wink