Chicago Half Marathon RR: my best race ever, and first-time flood evacuee :-) (Read 1342 times)

Right on Hereford...

    Thanks, everyone, for your kind words! It was a really fun race and I'm happy to share the experience as best I can.
    That was an amazing race report. Congratulations on meeting a very impressive goal, and thank you for sharing! I hope all is well with your folks.
    Thanks, they are fine. The water reached their front doorstep, but didn't go into the house, thankfully. They did have 8 inches in the basement, but it could have been much worse. They are still not allowed back in the house, though!
    Great race, great report, Dakota. This was a breakthrough in the truest sense of the word. And you've just recently started doing some half-decent mileage on a consistent basis. I believe that those miles and finally getting a crack at fast course at sea level made all the difference. I'm sure you have room to improve a lot more too. Congratulations!
    Thanks, Jim! I have so much respect for you as a runner and as a person, so your words mean a lot. I agree that increasing my mileage to 45 mpw has had a lot to do with this breakthrough. Now I'm curious to see what 60 miles a week will do for me... Big grin
    Awesome job and great read. You've rendered a lot of your other PR's "soft" now. Go get 'em!
    Well, maybe they're soft...I'm thinking that I have two separate categories of PRs at this point: altitude and everything else. Most of my PRs are from Colorado. But I've definitely got some newfound confidence after Sunday's race!
    Congratulations on a fantastic race! And--WOW--that was the BEST race report I have ever read! Are you a "real" writer? If not, you should be.
    Ha, ha! Wow, that's a very nice compliment. Thanks. It did make me laugh, because I'm definitely not a real writer, but I'm glad you enjoyed the read!
      Wow, I loved reading that! And good job, thats quite amazing! Shocked Oh to be able to run that fast ha ha! Congrats!!

      Right on Hereford...

        ...added photos to the OP.

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          Very nice. Congratulations, Mark! Great race and great report. Congrats to your wife as well. Thanks for the great race read.

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            Wow great report!!!

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              Dude, that is so cool!
                Didn't notice the photos till now! THanks very much! Zoe is very cute Shocked at the water!

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