My first 50 mile week (Read 817 times)

    I’ve been increasing my mileage over the last couple months and have finally top 50 miles for a week. It wasn’t a goal because I could have topped 50 miles long before this but I reached it this week without much effort. I’ve increased my frequency to 6 runs a week which made this easier to achieve. The difference now is my ability to run 10+ miles on back to back days. I ran 15 miles this morning after running 10 miles yesterday and after the first mile or two I felt great. I was a little tired at 15 but I could have gone 20 and not been any worse off. I’m not sure that I want my miles to get much higher right now but I would like to keep it in the 40-50 range until I start getting ready for my next marathon in October.
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      Nice job, Ribbie. 50 is HUGE! If you are able to keep up the 40 - 50 per week, you're gonna rock that marathon in the fall dude! Continued injury-free success in your training.

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        Nice job!
          Great going, Ribbie! You've given me some numbers to shoot for!
            Holy guacamole! That's a ton! I just had my first 20 mile week and I'm walking around like a peacock. Hurray for you!!


              Nice work!

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