2015-12-30 Upgrade Issue: http 503 (Read 40 times)

an amazing likeness

    Web server(s) seemingly are routinely generating http 503 errors when accessing the forums. Anecdotally, I'd estimate 5% of new browser sessions against the forums are returning 503.

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    eric :)

      Hi Andy,

      They're caused by the frequent updates.  The web servers are updated serially.  The upgrade process involves shutting down each web server, deploying the patch, and then bringing up the server again.  When a web server goes offline, it takes about a second or two for the load balancer to notice and reroute the request to another server.  I have plans to switch to a different load balancer that allows me to tell it that a web server will be going offline.  When I do that, then the 503s should go away.


      eric Smile