First 3,000 miles in the books (Read 740 times)

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    2 years, 11 months and 9 days since my first log. Five years, one month and 27 days since double valve replacement. I logged my first miles on 7/2/05 after my first 5 mile run without stopping. Thank you everyone for being part of this community and helping me through your words and example. I don't know if running will add years to your life, but it does reduce the age in your years.
      Many congratulations. Awesome. Big grin
        Congratulations, and here's wishing you 3,000 more miles... and then 3,000 more... and then 3,000 more... Big grin

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          That's awesome, mbfleth! Keep on running.

          When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

          You'll ruin your knees!

            DANG! Thanks for sharing that and congrats! More miles and more smiles Smile Big grin Smile Big grin!

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              That is great news! Congrats!

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                I don't know if running will add years to your life, but it does reduce the age in your years.
                Excellent. Congratulations.

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                  Good Job... though it comes with a price as well. As a newbe myself every time I do 5 or 10 miles I can come here and brag. What about you? Can you really brag about 3,100 miles?? You need much begger accomplishments now to brag! Once again Good Job!!! Wink
                    Congrats! Looking forward to the 5,000 mile post as well. Big grin ETA: On a whim, I checked out my own log stats, and coincidentally I just passed the 5,000 mile marker yesterday. So with apologies to mbfleth for a minor threadjack, but ... yay for me. Cool

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