What is your favorite racing distance? (Read 387 times)


rather be sprinting

    Re: the horrific pain of the 800.. I fully admit I'm a masochist.  I mean, I ran for a month on a femoral stress fracture this summer. Never said I was sane.  But I think the 400 actually hurts the most.  To me it feels like I'm literally running 4 100m all out but back to back.  It feels like it is impossible, like if someone told you to rip out your own lungs.


    And yet these short distances are easier for me *psychologically* than long distances, which are wars of attrition.  The slow grind is much, much more difficult for me.

    PRs: 5k 19:25, mile 5:38, HM 1:30:56

    Lifting PRs: back squat 176 lb


      I like 10Ks. Especially on the track.


      But that's partly because I've had good 10Ks on the track and I like running straight away in the morning.

        It use to be 1/2 marathons until I ran my first 50K.  Why do I love that distance? The aid stations.  Full damn buffet at ultra events.  I wanted to pull up a chair and hang for awhile.


          I voted 10 Mile, but truthfully 10M, 20K and HM are all in my sweet spot.


          Living in DC I have some seriously good opportunities every year to race 10 miles...Cherry Blossom, Army Ten Miler, plus Broad Street Run in Philly is just a short drive away. There are some good smaller 10 milers too. The RRCA Club Challenge 10 Miler in Columbia MD is a small (compared to Cherry Blossom at least) but seriously competitive race that's guaranteed to bring out your best even though the course is a bear. I've done Columbia with the DC Roadrunners team every year since 2008.

            Just saw this post...   Even with all of those options up there, I don't see the option that fits me:  All of them.


            From trying to hit a PR on the 1 Mile, all the way to trying to hit maximum mileage on a 12 or 24-hour run, they are all my favorites.


            The Plan (big parts)→  ///  March:  Shamrock Marathon  ///  April:  24 Hour Run for Cancer  ///   May:  3 Days at the Fair (12 Hour)  ///  Nov:  New York Marathon ∞

            Jack K.

              I think all races are fun. I have not run a marathon yet, but that is coming in December.

              2014 races

              Santa Anita Derby Day 5k - 5 Apr  

              Mountains to Beach Marathon - 25 May


                I went with half marathon.  I might or might not change my mind after I run my first marathon next weekend.

                2014 goals: 2,000 | 52.5 | Marathon PR | Skip the injuries again