yaktrax - how long do they last? (Read 41 times)

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    I have a pair of Yaktrax that I've worn 5-10 times this season, on runs ranging from 4-11 miles, on snow-packed, icy, and snow-covered pavement - and some road crossings wearing the suckers on wet but cleared pavement. Today they broke. So, I recognize that the "ideal" conditions for Yaktrax would be all snow, on a trail ... somewhere a bit gentler than snow-covered pavement, ice, and the occasional wet-but-cleared street in the Twin Cities.


    All that being said, how long have your Yaktrax lasted? I just had one of the rubber pieces snap, resulting in a loose coil ... springing annoyingly with every freaking stride. The thing snapped just before mile 4 of today's 11 mile run. Annoying as heck.


    So, how long have your Yaktrax lasted? And if you recommend something other than Yaktrax, what is it?




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      Yaktrax are known for breaking. I haven't used them in years.


      I use Kahtoola microspikes for trails most of the time, but would probably use either screw shoes or ice joggers (strap-on studs) if I were running on icy pavement. I'm not sure how many miles I've got on my microspikes, but using them for about 3 yrs.

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