Running journal/log and GPS data software or app recommendation? (Read 41 times)

    I have been using SportTracks as my desktop-based running log and GPS data storage and analysis system for maybe close to 10-years.  They are phasing the desktop version out and it is already making it very clunky to continue to use......not supporting Google maps, my Garmin plugin is now giving error messages and prevents me from importing, etc.


    I am probably old-school, but I like the thought of a PC based system located on my computer rather than a cloud-based system.  Everything seems to be going that direction, though.  SportTracks does have a cloud-based subscription service now as that is the direction they are taking.  I am thinking of just making that leap, but I wanted to do some more research to see what other systems people are using.


    Has anyone used SportTracks?  I like the many, many ways to look at and analyze data in that system.  It also has many ways to customize how you look at your data.  I would hope the online/subscription version would retain those same features, but am not sure.


    Does anyone have any recommendations in a system I should look into for logging/journaling runs and analyzing GPS and heart rate data?

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