Please read me first before requesting help! (Read 7812 times)

eric :)

    Please help me help you by following these guidelines when reporting problems


    Although I tried my best in writing bug free code and testing it thoroughly before releasing it, bugs inevitably find their way into the code. Sometimes it's my fault, and sometimes it's caused by the particular browser you're using. I am not a mind reader. Please include the following when requesting help:

    • the exact error message that you encountered
    • your browser's name and version (e.g. Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.0.5, Safari 4)
    • your operating system and version (e.g. Windows XP, Windows 98, Mac OS X 10.6, Linux 2.2)

    Please describe exactly what you did to produce the error.  Example:

    1. Import my latest workout from my Garmin Forerunner
    2. Edit the imported workout
    3. Modify an interval's duration
    4. Save the workout
    5. View the workout and notice all the intervals' durations are now incorrect

    By providing all the information regarding your problem, I do not need to request additional information, which will help me reproduce the problem and fix it sooner.  Thank you.


    eric :-)