Alphafly: Bust? (Read 142 times)


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    Based on some of my research, it looks like the Alphafly Next% may have been a bit of a bust. The reviews aren't great, and many elite athletes are sticking with the original Next% instead of of the Alpha.


    Does anyone have experience running in both shoes? What are your thoughts? I have some old Vaporfly that are near death and I need a new pair to start testing out later this summer for a marathon this fall.

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      I was also reading reviews of both the Alphafly and Vaporfly Next% as a possible race shoe for Sept/Oct marathon and think I’m going to wait until nearer the time...I have the original VFs which I really got on with.  I’m sure there'll be a lot more feedback on the Alphafly after Spring now that the non elites can race again.  I’ll be racing in Saucony Endorphin Pro next month and could possibly stick with them if they feel even better than the Endorphin Speed.


      If I was in your position and looking to improve on a 2:36 marathon then I would 100% buy a pair and see how they feel on a MP run. If they don’t feel right then sell them on as “little worn” and get most of your money back. We spend a lot of money on race entry, flights, hotels.....so, make sure that you’ve got the best race shoe suitable for you!

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        I've raced in both and like the Alphafly a little better. You can tell they have a lower heel to toe drop which I like for marathon pace. I think they are too heavy though for anything less than a marathon - I race shorter stuff in the Reebok Floatride Run Fast Pro.


        RIP Milkman

          Madison - great to hear from you, hope all is well. That does seem to be what folks are saying: perhaps it's just good for the marathon to save your legs at the end


          Mikkey - fair point on the money spent issue. I'm a 10.5 so I'm sure there are plenty of takers at that size. I didn't even run my last race in the next (was in the 4%) so I think anything will be an upgrade

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            This is an interesting comparison you both got. Definitely will look into this myself.


              I agree with most of the athletes. I feel like Next% is much more superior.