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Abs of Flabs

    I'm not supposed to run. This is going to last for at least 2 weeks (or so the PT doc thinks.....she is cute though, so I don't wanna tick her off too bad...). Stupid knee.
    I only ran once since Jan 7. My PT wouldn't let me run either due to some pain in the butt problem. She stopped treating me last week because the insurance wouldn't pay anymore. Before I left, she told me I can start running next week, and only 1 mile. Since she has no say over me anymore, I'm running tonight, maybe 2 miles. Ha!


      Yeah. I will soon be out doing a 6 miler. That will keep me off the message board for at least 30 minutes. Roll eyes
      30 minutes? 6 miles would keep me entertained and away for at least an hour Tongue - course with my pace right now, it would take me a goodly portion of the day Cry Hey Scout, I heard that naps are good for the heart Big grin
      Walk + Jog = wog.
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      12 Monkeys

        Man. What took so long. The 30 minutes was a joke. I was wondering if anybody would catch it. My run will be much closer to 50-55 minutes. Well done Woodlandsprite, well done!