What gets you geeked up the most for running? (Read 817 times)


    Mostly the challenge. I love trying to beat my previous record. Granted I only do 2 milers right now working on speed, but seeing that time drop 30 seconds today was the most gratifying thing of my entire week.

    12 Monkeys

      That dang pace bunny. Oh, and Berner and Rocken'Mama and Masterchap who flank me in the 2000 mile tally.

      i can't hang

        recovery days are great. everything else hurts, that is, if your really going after it. i'm with trisheerunner. post run is great, runners high or whatever. it's just nice to be done. nice easy strecth. shower. snack. these are a few of my favorite things.
        round, round, round the bend...
          I guess I would have to say the accomplishment...which widely ranges for me. It can be a huge PR, or just looking back on a week, and going...wow...I ran xx miles this week. Or just running a race, and running better than I expected, even if it wasn't a PR, or anywhere close. I also love the feeling after a race or a long run or a workout. You hurt like hell, and are sore, and you moan and groan when you move or go up stairs, my wife rolls her eyes at me...but I love that hurt. Because everytime i feel that soreness, it reminds me of how I got that pain, whether it be a marathon or 20 mile run, or whatever. Usually makes me pretty proud of myself...

          Sack up and run.