Marathon and weight training (Read 439 times)


    Question for some of you more experienced marathoners out there... I'm currently training for the Chicago Marathon. I've run one marathon plus a few half marathons, 15ks, etc and I also do a good amount of weight training. Thing is I've never been on a "serious" training program, but this marathon is different. I'd like to run it in a respectable time. Somewhere around 3:30. i'm 6'2, a little over 200lbs (not to0 much body fat though Smile ). Is it a good idea to stay out of the weight room for the next month and a half or should I stick to what I've been doing?
      Keep up with the upperbody and maybe tone down the lower body workouts. As long as your fueling your runs as well as your workouts you should be fine. What I do is if I start having trouble recovering from my runs that is when I taper down the w/o's. That's just my 2 cents. Pam

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