Disappointed in Mizuno (Read 1459 times)

    I'm a total Mizuno guy but why would you need 14 versions of anything?  And what the hell is this $200 "Prophecy?" 

      Tried out the Vomero's today.  Man, much different feel than the Riders.  Very cushioning...felt like I had pillows on my feet.  Also, felt heavier.  Anyway, not sure if I like them or not.  It's hard when you've been in the same shoe for three years and jump to something new.

        Went shoe shopping yesterday, coincidentally....

        I tried on the Prophecy... felt ok but like there was one "sweet spot" in the forefoot where the cushioning was really the best.  Land off center and they feel weird. 

        Tried on the Saucony Triumph...8?  Those havent been the same since the 4. 

        The Rider 14 is junk.  I've worn them since the 11 and have gone through almost a dozen pairs. 

        The Saucony Ride 3 was pretty decent.  Feels a little different than the Ride 2 but OK. 

        The Saucony Kinvara is very flexible, and I'm not ready for that.  It feels dead when I toe off, like there is no energy in the sole (not cushion, I'm talking about the way the sole bends when you flex your foot)


        In the end? I think I'm sticking with Mizuno.  I'm enough of a forefoot striker that the Precision felt pretty good.  Might still see if I can pick up a couple pairs of Rider 12 or 13s though.


        Hope this helps anyone looking for a Wave Rider Replacement.