Recent college grad with a computer science degree looking for a job? (Read 3594 times)

eric :)

    As many of you know or guessed, my full time job involves being a software engineer at a large technology company headquartered in Massachusetts. My group produces a software package that allows you to protect and retain complete control of electronic documents (e.g. Microsoft Office documents, PDF, etc) even after you distributed them over the internet. Our group is looking for a college grad to fill a new developer position. You probably need to have a computer science degree, and must have less than 18 months of professional experience. This include someone that's about to graduate college with a Bachelor's or Master's degree. We're not looking for someone with lots of experience. We will provide you with on the job training. Our group works out of a satellite office in Cambridge, MA. If you're interested, please drop me a note via the feedback page. Thanks! eric :-)

    Good Bad & The Monkey

      Oh. I was hoping we could get you to move to Nashville. Are you sure you don't want to move? More importantly, of course, do you like monkeys?
        I'll forward this to some folks. modal (charges a finder/recuiter's fee :-) )


        Kenotic Runner

          Runners make good coders. They solve problems while they run. OK. Sometimes.