Bayshore Marathon & half marathon (Read 479 times)


    Is anyone running the Bayshore Marathon (or half..or 10K) in Traverse City May 26th? I ran the half last year, it was a beautiful course. I really want to do the whole darn thing this year, just trying to work up the courage to do it. I ran the Detroit Marathon in 2005 with finishing as my only goal. I want to run fast this time. Smile

      Looks like I am on my own for this one! I signed up for the whole marathon...I will be working hard the next few months...exactly what I need. Smile
        Good luck with it anyway. Wink


        3000 miles

        Sub 19:00 for 5K  05-03-13 Clee Prom 5K - 19:00:66 that was bloody close!

        Sub-40:00 for 10K 17-03-13 Gainsborough 10K - 39:43

        Sub 88:00 for HM


        Princess Cancer Pants

          Someday I want to do this one. I live a few hours from TC (I'm down near Muskegon). I think my future marathon goals (assuming the first one--which I plan to do next year in GR--doesn't kill me) will be Grand Rapids, Chicago, Green Bay, and Bayshore. Smile k

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            I'll bet the Traverse City run is beautiful. That's gotta be one of the prettiest areas in Michigan, outside of the UP.
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              IT is a BEAUTIFUL course the lake on one side and amazing houses on the other.
                I would love to do this race because I have heard it is a great race and a beautiful course but I already have MI marked off of my "states" list.

                  Unfortunately, Michigan is the only state I have marked off my states list. I must be a creature of habit because I keep on doing the same races every year.