Vertical oscilation - how to get it lower (Read 50 times)



    according to Garmin i have quite hight vertical oscilation (about 10cm) (no incline, pace say 4min/km) but I have heard it should be much lower.

    How to train to get it lower? I have heard I should increase my cadence but this will not solve the problem - increasing cadence will make my steps smaller so vertical oscilation will also be smaller however summing vertical oscilations of all steps up through the whole run it will have (approximately) the same value as with lower cadence (because I will take more steps when the steps will be shorter). Moreover artificially shortrer steps are not technically correct. (I believe I am not overstriding.)


    Ot the contrary - too low vertical oscilation will make my steps shorter because I will sooner fall down to the ground from the flying phase.

    So how to solve it? What muscles should I activate and when through the take off phase of run and what musces I should not activate?


    Thank you for answers.


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      You can also completely ignore that.

      I don't think it's viable to try to change these things consciously.

      Same thing for form, or cadence.

      Just focus on running.

      Check the front pack of a marathon and notice just how different their gaits are, their cadence, or even vertical oscillation, and yet they're all super fast.

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        Also agree with ignoring that metric, or at least not focusing on fixing that specific metric.


        Consistent, injury-free running with some form drills and strength training will get your body to its optimal stride and form.

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          Did you really just say increasing cadence won’t decrease your vertical oscillation because when you add everything up it’s going to be the same as the old number?

          You’re wrong. 
          mid you go from a vertical oscillation of 1 to a 0.5 because you double your steps you’re still going to have a vertical oscillation of 0.5. Unless you change the equation around to MAKE it the same. 


          just go out and run. Garmin has more data then you need. Plenty of devices exist to show you data. Looking at data won’t make your faster.


          either way you sound like you know nothing will work to change your number, or if it will you don’t need to do it.  Best of luck convincing yourself you need help from people who suggest you do things differently. You already know the suggestions won’t work out.

          Many of us aren't sure what the hell point you are trying to make and no matter how we guess, it always seems to be something else. Which usually means a person is doing it on purpose.

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            Hi, I let myself run but it seems my style is too bouncy. So maybe I need some advice. I know that it is hard to say something without seeng my style. But to only run and don't care is not always the best way - it is sometimes good to hear from someone: this is ok and this is not ok, try to change it and focus on these facts...


            Maybe bouncy style is caused by trying to run with too much power - maybe too actively straighten the leg at the knee. Or maybe it is caused by my leg not being too far behind the body at push off time...