New Face of Running4Recovery program (Read 470 times)

    AILMENTS, AFFLICTIONS & ADDICTIONS The Running4Recovery program is no longer just for those who struggle with addiction. The program has been revised to reach a broader group of people. Whether your struggle is related to an ailment, affliction or addiction, Running4Recovery (R4R) could be that component which you have been missing on your road to recovery. All of us have things in which we would like to run from; an abusive childhood, a failed marriage, an addiction which you can’t seem to beat, or a disease or disorder which is getting the best of you. Whatever it may be, running from your troubles often seems like the most logical solution, but as we all know, it only worsens the situation. Instead of running from your troubles, running4recovery attempts to get you on the right path where you can literally start running toward your future and not from your past. So join me on the road to recovery and let’s start logging miles in the name of recovery. Log your runs, map your routes, and share your experiences on your road to recovery with others who are fighting similar battles. Your entries are confidential and will only be seen by members of running4recovery. To join, please click on the following link and create your screen name and password. It’s simple and anonymous so sign up now and join me on the road to recovery. www.running4recovery.com http://r4r.runningahead.com/groups/R4R Big grin