NJ Trail Series (Read 414 times)

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    This is a different one than 3 Days at the Fair. You should race this one too (in March). And bring the RV filled with booze. Wink

     Both are at the same venue.  Both are camper / RV / tent full of friends type of races.  And anything full of booze is perfect for any NJ Trail Series race.


    I look forward to seeing all of you run and then drink with you after (probably during for some of you).

      By the way, another NJ runner here. South Jersey.  If you're interested, my club runs the Batona Trail (runs through Brendan Byrne, Wharton, and Bass River state forests) over the course of 5 days in the fall/winter.  Not a race.  They run the Mount Misery trail quite frequently as well.


      Always on Sundays in the fall, so there's no danger of getting shot. 


      That's not an issue during the summer.  Then you just have to deal with ticks, chiggers, and mosquitos.


      Here's a link




      L Train

        L Train's racing you in a 100K?


        BTW, in the tone this sounds in my head, it's pretty funny. 


        And yeah, I'll be racing WG.  She's just a 6'13" blond chick with pigtails, big feet and a drinking problem.  Clearly this shouldn't be a problem for the likes of me.