Create new courses from existing courses (aka, "Save as . . .") (Read 665 times)


    Eric, My fiancee and I love your site and have been using it to help her train for her first marathon (Nashville Country Music Marathon, April 29th). There are many elegant features to your site, and we sincerely appreciate the time and effort you've put into it. The mapping feature is what we use most of all. Feature request (my apologies if this is the nth request for this feature): Ability to create new courses from existing (saved) courses. For example, open a saved course, edit it, and save this edited version as a new course. Rationale: This feature would allow users to make slight modifications to courses without having to take the time to create a slightly different course from scratch every time. Thanks for considering our suggestion, and thank you for maintaining a fine running site. - Scott and Brittany in ATL
      Hi Scott and Brittany of ATL! Someone else did request this feature. Now that you also want the feature, I'll short list the request Tongue Brittany: good luck with your marathon training! eric Smile

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        Hey, you can use Eric's new copy feature to copy any of your own courses and then edit it. This is the same as save as. Good luck at Country Music. I am in Nashville and have the CMM course mapped in my log (check it out, copy it). It is a great run with good support. Save your legs for the hill at mile 17, and make sure to get a beer at mile 23! I'll be helping a friend of mine pace the 4:15 group if that's your pace. Have fun! Eric, I wonder about adding the ability to subscribe to somebody else's course without actually copying it. That way, when I search for a new map and 15 people have copied my CMM (gross exaggeration), I would not have to sort through all them.