With a year to train for my first full, what to do? (Read 239 times)


    If you join one of the RA groups you can click "Report" then "Report Type: Race" and then give it a broad "time range." Lots of results should be served up to you and you can hopefully find what you are looking for.


    Also, while log stalking, don't forget the calendar view. You can hover over runs to quickly get more info.


    Come on dude, that's way too complicated. Why not just check out some of the "Goal" threads? Particularly the archived ones, with a nice list of successes and failures organized right there on the front page.


      I know it was recommended earlier in the thread but I second the advice to pick up a copy of Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger.  Took me to a 2:57 last March and in my 3 marathon and then back to back 2:45s this past fall.  I read Daniels Running Formula and am following his Elite plan for Boston and hope to PR but my logs from June - Oct last year show the Pfitz plan I followed.


      You definitely have a solid base under you already!