Suunto is about to drop support for older models and close Movescount web site (Read 53 times)

Dimitri Minaev

    Received an email from Suunto yesterday where they basically announce they are going to replace their Movescount web site with an app:




    The web site is to be decommissioned in 2020. The older Suunto models that do not support Bluetooth sync (like my Ambit2 Run), will be unable to upload data, though old records will be moved from Movescount to Suunto app. What's even more interesting is that normally these watches are configured from the web site. It seems that after the switchover it won't be possible. New models that can sync via cell phone will keep working, but, if I got it right, users will only see them on tiny phone screens. People on Suunto forum are voting for a web interface for the app, but so far no such plans were announced.


    Two years ago I got fed up with the silence of Garmin support service and moved to Suunto. Perhaps, the time has come to move on Smile


      Does this mean that the only way to upload an activity will be wireless? I have had issues with longer activities (12 hours and up) to upload using the application. After discussing with Suunto support, they told me to always use wired connection for longer runs.

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      Dimitri Minaev

        I take it that yes, Bluetooth will be the only way to sync the watches.

        Dimitri Minaev