Any orthopedic docs here? (Read 57 times)


    Hi - I've been having some weird knee pain that I can't figure out what it is, I was wondering if there were any orthopedic doctors here, or experienced runners who might have had the same pain who could help me understand please

    The symptoms are several: It is superficial, there is a tenderness to palpation right on the bone (top of tibia), it's not directly on or below the knee cap, or on the far medial side of the knee, it's sort of at the top of the tibia, a fair amount medial to the patellar tendon, but not so medial that it makes me think of the MCL. It's the kind of pain I would imagine I would have if I fell right on the bone there, but nothing of the sort has happened - no trauma!

    The other associated symptom is that the knee is much tighter than it use to be. When I stretch the quad with the "ankle pull into your butt" move, it's very tight, and there is a fair amount of discomfort. I can ultimately stretch it out like normal, and that helps with the discomfort a lot.

    Oh, and it hurts there to run. Other things - getting out of a chair isn't painful, sitting "like a tailor" isn't painful, and doing a kicking motion isn't painful.

    I took a week off from running, the pain at rest was 99% gone, I went running a *very* slow 10K yesterday, I noticed some discomfort there like previously but a lot lot less, and thankfully when I woke up this morning things felt fine. I'm going to start up very gently …

    But I was wondering … what in the world would cause that pain, felt like a bone bruise, between the patellar tendon and the MCL? I couldn't see any other tendons there when I looked on line, or other structures that would cause that. Weird?

    Thanks for any thoughts!