Garmin 210 dead (Read 58 times)

    My Garmin 210 (5 months old) just went dead. It was working fine, then while I was hooking it up to upload/charge, the display went completely blank. Battery was partially charged, never gave a low battery warning. Cannot get it to do anything even while plugged in. I think holding the light button is supposed to be a soft reset, but it does nothing, nor does holding in any other combination of buttons.


    Anyone ever had this? Does it just need to be replaced? Ugh, LR planned for tomorrow. CryCry



    some call me Tim

      I have had this exact issue, and a hard reset fixed the problem. Once I got the beeps that garmin says will happen, and then recently it happened on my wife's garmin 210 and I did a hard reset where there were no beeps and I thought it hadn't worked, but then when I looked down again, it was back! Good luck!


      Whoops... here's a link:


        OMG, it worked now! Thanks!


        I had already done a general web search, and the hard reset was pretty much what worked for everyone, other than those who just sent it back. Some said they had to try it a few times, some said like you there were no beeps. I tried it a few times, and nothing. I even went over to the LRS to see if they had any other ideas, but did not (they sell it there but I didn't buy it there).

        I came home and was just about to go to the Garmin site to find how to arrange a return, which of course would be a big hassle with the shipping & who knows how long to wait for it to be shipped back. I figured I might as well check for any responses to this post first, saw yours, thought I would try the hard reset one more time, and voila. I thought for sure it was a goner, I could not have been more shocked to see the Garmin logo pop up.


        Lost all the history of course, but everything other than today's run is loaded on RA.

        All is right with the world again. Carry on.


        some call me Tim

          Glad to hear it worked! You would think that they could write more stable firmware... everybody in my running club has at least one glitchy garmin story to tell.