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eric :)

    A while back, I realized that this forum is actually a blog. I don't see the appeal of having a blog at all. It has to be thoughtful in order to have any value, and it's so time consuming! My intent was to keep you updated with what's going on with the site, to give it a more personal feel. After a while, my attention was quickly diverted to the myriads of feature requests. I'm more of a Bill Gates than Willian Shakespeare when it comes to writing, so this forum fell neglected. Maybe that's a bad analogy, since my personal wealth is not even close to the rounding error in Bill Gates' checking account. Maybe it's a sign of the increasing traffic of the training log (I can't even call it a running log anymore because it does so much more), the number of feature requests is becoming exponential. I found myself typing the words "I'll try to get to that soon" more frequently in the forums and emails. By the way, I love getting user feedbacks because I want to hear what you think of it. This site already does more than I ever need, so what I'm adding now is to make your experience better, and to satisfy my nerdy desires. As I was saying, this site has been up for a little over a year, and I'm sure the few of you that have been here all this time know I'm not just making empty promises. Right now, there are enough features for me to work on full time for at least half a year. Since I'm not rich like Bill Gates, I need a full time job so progress is slower than I wanted. I recognize that there will always be new features to add. I'll just have to keep working at it like the way we run: one step at a time. I don't know how long it will take, but I will get to your requested feature eventually. eric Smile
      Eric, I was on the site last summer under a different user name (scar955). I am amazed at how far this site has come in a year. When I talk to my friends, if they mention running at all, I immediately tell them about this site. In fact, "bwseiter" is one who has joined the site and loves it as well. Again, I am impressed with how much you have done to improve our experience. Running-Ahead keeps me motivated when I know I wouldn't be otherwise. Thank you very much!!!!! v n jn r fm53odmmZ 54evdxv c/ ''' My daughter, Ruby, says thank you as well! She's only 10 months old, so please forgive her spelling. Big grin
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      eric :)

        Hi Rob! Yes, I remember you! You were just started to run when you first signed up. Do you know that you can always change your user name on your account without creating a new one? Nothing's changed in terms of my effort since the last time we talked over email. I'm still hacking at it because it can always be better. By the way, Ruby's getting pretty good with the keyboard. You think she can help test my site in a few months? eric Smile

          eric, just wanted to say many thanks for this website. By far, it is the best training log I have used. I appreciate the effort you put in. Joe
            Hi Rob! Do you know that you can always change your user name on your account without creating a new one? eric Smile
            I'd been wondering about this. Time to shorten my name. Hope it works.


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              I'd been wondering about this. Time to shorten my name. Hope it works.
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                Eric, We really appreciate what you have created here. My day would not be complete if I didn't log my miles and check the pace bunny progress day in and day out. Not to mention searching for good running advise from some of the gurus. Keep up the good work--on your terms.

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                  Hi Eric, thanks for going the extra mile with the site. I appreciate it still being here after my not being able to stay the pace... Regards, Johnny

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