Unable to delete workout (Read 70 times)


    I have a duplicate workout in my training log and when I try to delete one of them, it asks "Are you sure you want to delete this workout", I click OK, and then nothing happens.  I've tried in FF and Chrome, Windows and Linux.  I've tried using the small pop-over menu on the Workouts table (clicking on the X) and by viewing the workout and using the "3 lines" menu and selecting "Delete Workout".

      This just happened to me as well (using iPad/safari)!

        Same here. Same as OP, with Firefox. I'll try MS Internet Explorer as well.


        ETA. Worked in MS Internet Explorer.

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        eric :)

          Hi all,

          I introduced a bug when I tried to improve the delete operation.  It should be fixed momentarily if not already.  Sorry about that!


          eric Smile

            Thanks for the quick response. This site rocks!

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              Seems to be working now, thanks!


                unable to delete workout(s) from within 'workouts' page. Firefox 38.05, Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.3


                Same symptoms as piberius post.


                Kind of appears fixed.... I had to refresh page after deleting workout

                  Works for me now as well. Thanks!


                    Not working for me

                    I want to delete a few entries on one date

                    i cannot find an edit or delete key

                    very frustrating!!!!


                      I can't delete a workout that is on my calendar.  Have tried in Safari/iOS and Chrome/Windows.

                      eric :)

                        HI piberius,

                        Please give it a try now.  I made a change to fix deleting events but then introduced this bug.


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