Satellite view? (Read 440 times)


    Any chance you can add this? I've found that I can see a route that I've run in a park with satellite view. It's a bit difficult, but with some straining of the eye, I can make it out. Thought it might be useful or neat to be able to map it out since park trails are not really accessible with the map view.
      Finbarr, The map has a satellite view, and a couple of others. What you're looking for is a pulldown on the toolbar, directly to the right of the mountain (elevation) icon. I moved the map type buttons off of the map for a couple of reasons. It opens up the map so you can have more clickable/viewable area. The other reason is the map supports two other map types in addition to the 3 that comes with Google, which would clutter up the map. These two types are: Topographic map - If you're good at reading elevation gradient lines, this map can give you a good perspect on the terrain USGS Satellite - Despite Google's best effort, there are still regions with no good aerial photos. In this case, the Google's satellite pictures are fuzzy at best. The USGS satellite pictures offer much higher resolution (but still not as good as aerial photos), and might be a good alternative for locations without aerial photos.

        Nice. I saw the view. Even better that the USGS view is on there, it's a better view. thx.