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    We all have dream cars, but what was your FIRST car, and what year did you get it?


    My FIRST was a Blue 1978 Toyota Corolla, bought in 1990, so it was a piece of junk by the time I owned it.  Purchase Price:  $450.00. A real piece of crap, but we had good times in it.  --- Its' death came about when me and friends got run off the road into a cornfield in KS.  Tore the transmission and linkage out when I went across a culvert at high speed in the field.  It looked like this bad boy here.



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      My first car was a 1966 Beetle, purchased for me from a scrap heap when I was 14 (circa 1990).  My dad spent the next two years fixing it up for me.  I picked metallic purple for the exterior, black interior.  I painted flowers and peace signs on the inside of the doors and on the dash.


      It left me stranded and hitch hiking twice due to engine failure.  Sometimes the windshield wipers would fall off.  One time the wheel fell off but fortunately my dad was driving it at the time.  It was a cool car, but it freaked me out to drive it in the winter, plus  it was really cold.  I ended up letting my dad sell it and was gifted my grandmother's white Ford Tempo AWD boring car to have after college.

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        maroon 1990 Ford Taurus. The definition of boring.

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          1985 Ford LTD, gray. My dad owns a junk yard and put this beauty together from the shell of a burned out LTD (fire damaged interior with that new smoke smell) and the guts of a totalled LTD with a still functional interior. In any case, it was 1989, I was 16, and pleased.


            1979 Dodge Omni that I got in 1990.  The passenger side doors were caved in and wouldn't open.  The rear hatch wouldn't latch.  The driver's side door handle fell off, so you had to leave the window down and open the door from the inside.  However, you couldn't do that when the temp dropped because the door would stick and there was no way to get any leverage.  Sooooo, you had to open the hatch and flip over the back seat and then the front seat.


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              1971 Opel 1900 Sedan


                I drove one of these. People said it was a chick car but everyone still wanted to ride in it.


                  1970 Toyota Hilux -- affectionately known as the breakdown mobile!  Paid $1,000 for it in 1980 -- don't want to know how much I put into it in repairs (fortunately had a family friend that owned a tow company).  I did sell it for $1,000 when I got rid of it...


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                    Can't upload picture.

                    It was a Ford Elite.  red, with white stripes.

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                      1971 Opel 1900 Sedan



                      Hey now!  Fellow member of the Opel Kadette club!  My first car was my old man's 1970 Opel Kadette station wagon.  1.1 liter motor, manual tranny.   I got it in about 1978 (he had bought it used) and we had already rebuilt the motor twice.  I relished when things would break as I really loved working on it.   Put in a sweet 8-track player and speakers.  Got over 30mpg and she did great out in the desert as it was light and floated over the sand.  Never got stuck.  I finally sold it when I graduated from college.  Sales price was $50.  Wish I had pics of it.  I still have some of the special engine tools required to work it in my toolbox.

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                        Nice cars!  That "Rabbit" up above looks dead!    And on the VW beetle, I once owned a '73 Superbeetle.  The battery on those is located underneath the back seat.  I never knew that as a Kid, but learned it when I was driving down the road one day, and it had rusted through so bad the entire battery fell out of the bottom of the car and was dragging on the street, held on by only the battery cables.  That was car #3.    Here was Car #2.  (I'm cheating, I know, not car #1.).  But any other early edition "Z" lovers out there?  Talk about a money pit.


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                          OY mgrMy parents gave me a 1986 mustang 4 cyl. When I turned 16 (1991). Drove that for a month and bought a 1983 rabbit gti. Loved that car.

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                            1980 VW Rabbit.  Automatic.  What's that you say? VW didn't make an automatic transmission back then?  Well, at least not very well.  In order to get it to shift you had to take your foot off the gas pedal.


                            Plus the thing had a really screwed up electrical system and I am pretty sure it was called a Rabbit because if you got above 70 mph it started hopping.

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                              learned to drive in a white 1964 Buick Wildcat.  big & fast w 400 ci v-8.  1971?  beautiful car.  not exactly sure why but dad replaced that with a Forest Green 1966 Buick Skylark GS (GranSport) convertible with a Wildcat 445 (350 ci v-8).  after having some issues with it my sister drove it for a short time but wrecked it 2x.  got fixed & was handed down to me.  Not the best choice for a young high school boy.  this car was fast & used to race it down the sidewalks (yes sidewalks) of Old Town Eureka, Calif.  maybe 1973-1974.  friends used to sit on top of car in backseat with top down. not sure how no one every flew out the way I would drive that thing. could lay rubber 1/4 block.  A friend who was to driving a 4 cl Chevy Nova "borrowed it" one time & wrecked it.  that was the end of that car-definitely would love to have another one. Dad sold it "as is" to someone who just wanted the motor. 1st car every bought with my own money was a 1964 Rambler Ambassador 440.  don't laugh but this was actually a nice car.  280 4 barrel v-8 power windows, power seats,  am fm radio (yes fm!) 8-track cassette player  & leather seats all standard equipment from Rambler.  back in 1964 only other cars that  would have these options were Cadillac, Ford LT or Lincoln Continental or maybe the upper Buick models.  front seats would lay down & touch back seats so you could even sleep (or ....) if you wanted.  1975-1976 ?

                                1993 Subaru Impreza


                                1993 Subaru Impreza sedan. Green, though. It was my dad's old car, but he made me buy it from him to prove some kind of responsibility point. Angry

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