20 min. course PR...for a 5K! (Read 868 times)

    Yep, you read that right! Last year at this time I was 4 months into a journey toward better health. I decided to walk the 5K turkey trot with my brother and sister-in-law. I finished in just under an hour. I started a learn to run program in February 2008 and have since logged 359 miles. My long run is up to 7 miles and I have lost 50 lbs. All of that work netted me a 20 minute course PR, on a hilly out and back course. Today I finished in 40:19, and I ran every single step! This is the perfect day to reflect on what we are thankful for, and running is definitely HIGH on my list. Thanks to everyone who posts here. You are both encouraging and inspirational! Happy Thanksgiving!

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      congrats! that is awesome!

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        now that is something to be VERY proud of! thanks so much for sharing Smile
          that is really awesome debbie!! nice job!!


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            Wow! That's terrific. I think I need to go find a 5K and see what happens.

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              Congratulations, Debbie! That is very inspiring.

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                Great run and report!

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                    That may be a record improvement from one 5k to the next! Great job! Smile


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                      Debbie, that is outstanding--and not just the PR. The whole thing...WTG on the weight loss, too! Big grin

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                        Debbie.....this is really great...KEEP IT UP....... You should be very proud of yourself and the more you do and the more you do it, but better you will get.......so keep after it and post again when you meet your next goal....... Smile Big grin Wink Tongue Shocked

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                          Thanks guys...I was a little surprised to see my thread bumped up today. I appreciate the good thoughts! Smile

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                            Glad it was bumped! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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                              Great job! Can't wait til I can do that!
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                                That's an awesome job, Debbie! And I would say that the inspiration is reciprical. I wish you continued good luck on your journey.