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    OK here is a race report for a fun relay race here in Juneau (Sea Coast Relay). My step daughter came to visit from Aubern CA and her husband (Ross) wanted to run so I signed him up along with 3 of my girlfriends for a 5-person relay. Starts on the coast and has some really pretty legs and ends at the University of Alaska Southeast for community day (lots of eclectic music). The 1st 3 legs are 3.5 miles the 4th leg (Ross's) was 6 and mine was the last leg (5 miles). I have said this before but Juneau runners are serious and out of 21 teams we came in 14th with an average time of 8.23 minute miles. The slowest team had an average time of 9:35 I think. The 3 gals ran the first legs and we supported them with lots of laughs and I believed we mooned them at times. It was a rainy day (49 degrees) and by the time my leg was on I was cold. My son was playing in a Jazz band so at 10:30 I had a bit of time to listen to his set. My run started at about 11:45. I started out slowly because I have not wanted to push my knee and knew I was ahead of a co-worker of mine (also running leg 5). Part of my 5 miles was an out and back through the woods and I knew exactly how far behind me he was when I saw him. My goal was not to let him pass. At mile 3 there is a 1/2 mile hill and I felt pretty strong and then one of my friends ran with me a bit to let me know the guy was gaining on me. (I got a bit stressed). My co-workers support team was better support than my partying friends and gave me some water and took my drenched jacket. Mile 4 is almost all uphill and I just decided to go for sub-9s and when I crossed the finish line I felt great. Total time of 43:26 (8:40s) and I felt like I had tons more energy. I wish the field was bigger but that's how it is here. Next race is a crazy 14 mile trail run over planking and through streams. I will probably come in last? But I don't care!
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      Nice job, Sherry! You have done an amazing job recovering from your knee surgery!

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        Congratulations! Sounds like you had a good race with good friends. Smile Can't beat that.