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    Hi. Eric! GREAT SITE...The look and feel of your site is awesome. Big grin I just started running about a month ago in preparation for my first marathon. Quick question - Is there any way to make the google map courses private, instead of public? Thanks your help. Mike
      Hi Mike, Right now all maps are public, but they cannot be used to point back to you. I'll add public/private maps in the near future. Are you creating a treasure map or something and don't want to share? If you are, I want in Big grin Which marathon are you running? eric Smile

        No..No Map...I wish!!! Just a thought...Users may want to start the course from their house or street and it really does not mean much to another user...But if i find a map along the way...I'll hook you up! Big grin I just started training for the 2007 (Jan) Miami Marathon. I figure a year should be good...The longest so far is 5 miles. I've only been running for a little over a month and about 3 (5K) races so far. I have an 8K on Friday!!! Big grin Big grin Big grin Big grin