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    I missed this sunday and last sunday's long because of i had a cold. I was scheduled for 20 miler today (Hal Higdon intermediate 2 plan) but had to scrap it. I need advice and what to do the next few weeks as far as the long runs go. I'm thinking of maybe pushing my last 20 miler two weeks before the race instead of three and shortening the taper. Let me know what you think! Week 4 20 miles Week 3 10 miles Week 2 20 miles Week 1 10 miles Race week

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      How many thons have you run and how many long runs/what distances have you done this cycle?

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        Steve, Tough choices. I think the long run is the most important. I wouldn't be afraid of a 20 miler 2 weeks before a marathorn, I would just keep it slow and injury free. Just get the milage in. I would try and get a long run in every weekend until 2 weeks before. But as always you have to listen to what your body tells you. If you can't go 20 without killing yourself then go as far as you can. I think a 2 week taper is fine. That's just my opinion. I'm sure their will be other runners more experienced than me that can give you good input. Just don't run yourself into the ground before the marathorn.

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          I think a 20 two weeks out is fine if you keep the pace under control.

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            Trent ... this is my second marathon. Not having the best training cycle... only two runs over 16 (16 and 18). A few 13 t Mark - I agree. I definitely need to get some more long runs in, just trying to figure out the best sequence. I guess i'll just see how i feel week by week. As always, the more mileage the better. I'm really hoping i can do two 20 milers, but we'll see. I had such a great spring and early summer base training with no major races to train for and then come marathon-specific cycle things start to fall apart.

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              Yeah, like Mikey said.