misc update 4 (Read 1959 times)

eric :)

    Howdy folks! I just uploaded another batch of changes. Here's what's new: Post formatting I switched the forum posts to use real HTML tags instead of pseudo tags (i.e. instead of [b], [url], [img], etc, you should now use < b="" />, < a="" />, < img="" />). The old code was not too robust which results in occasional blank pages. I'm hoping that the new code will fix this problem. I converted all the old posts to use the new format. Hopefully everything is updated properly. Weather types I renamed "Sunny" to "Sunny / Clear", and added a "Partly Cloudy" option. avatars I changed the algorithm to resize the avatars, which will produce a clearer (although still not perfect) image, as well as getting rid of gray border artifacts. You should re-upload your avatar if you want to get rid of the annoy gray line on top and the left of the resized image. I also put in some bug fixes, nothing you should worry about. eric Smile

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      You've been busy! Cool!

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        Eric, I figured you for a "mostly sunny", not a "partly cloudy" type of guy!
        "Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways.... totally worn out ....shouting...."Holy S**t....What a ride!"