Garmin syncing (Read 547 times)

Gerry Morda

    Data not uploading.


    not bad for mile 25

      I got today's runs, but yesterday's (3/17) seem to be lost. Entered them manually.


        I'm having a problem again today.  Even the file transfer won't work (so far).  No upload.

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          Mine hasn't uploaded today. I'll add it manually later this week if it hasn't by then.


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            I'm in the club too.

            Many of us aren't sure what the hell point you are trying to make and no matter how we guess, it always seems to be something else. Which usually means a person is doing it on purpose.

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              Yesterday uploaded fine but zilch today


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                Same. Nada.

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                  It's not just Garmin syncs, a manual upload (before I saw all this) hasn't processed either.

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                    I count six lost activities on the part of RA over the past month. Neither Strava, nor Garmin have ever had this issue. 


                      Same, today's run didn't show up here but is in Garmin and Strava.


                      Side note - starting Zwifting last month, the rides upload to Garmin just fine but don't show up here. :/


                        Yup.  Nothing for yesterday.


                          Today's (Tues) run showed up but not Monday's yet.

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                            Re-uploaded yesterday and all is well! Thanks for fixing!

                            Runs like a dj mixing songs while wearing festive outfits.
                            5k PR 5/31/21 24:21 


                              Did anyone fix anything?  I advise premptively downloading your data locally in light of some of these issues that are happening ...


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                                Quick check. Did your subscription run out? This has happened to me each year and it takes me 3-4 days to realize what is going on. If not, ignore me.


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