So...what Marathon Race Memorabilia have you purchased, or Prefer, or Wish for? (Read 965 times)

Gotta Flee Em All

    Hey, I like those! Very 'planet of the apes'! Wink Big grin
    Wink Registration opens August 1 for 2007 ... Big grin

    You'll ruin your knees!

      Oh, I almost forgot about my bib number from my first 50 miler...Palo Duro in 2002... I had race number 50 Big grin Wink Yes Lynn B

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      I fly.

        Eh, I've got one of those Monkey Medals... they are overrated! (JUST KIDDING, MINE IS FRAMED WITH MY BIB NUMBER AND IS THE ONLY MARATHON MEDAL I DISPLAY! I'M VERY PROUD OF IT!)

        Bring it on.

          I've got a 24 year old long sleeve tee shirt from the Bostonfest marathon. It was a marathon run completely within the confines of the city of Boston. I have a vague memory of running down Storrow Drive at one point. I also have an official certificate with my time, a photo taken during the race & a race poster. They mean a lot to me because it was the only official marathon I ran. The tee shirt was included in the race entrance fee, the photo was extra, & the poster I just ripped off the wall.
            SmileI buy alot of the photos. My girlfriend works for Brightroom, so I look for her and she gets some good ones of me. I also figure it will be great to show my grandkids someday-yes even the bad ones. I have also bought some great posters and had them framed, especially the signed ones. My latest was the OBX marathon and Bloomsday.
              yes, I definitely love my bib numbers the best.... I'm saving them all and some day I hope to wallpaper a room with them (or maybe a closet... so my wife doesn't complain). Big grin
              I wallpaper my garage with bib #s. I have the 2003 Columbus Marathon "our world is flat" poster there, too.

              Me and my gang in Breck

                I save every bib # that I every got in my top night stand draw. Someday I would like to win a trophy for placing in the top 3 of my age division.

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