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    Can anyone suggest a good repair company or an individual in northern NJ?  I've tried to adjust walking belt tension, lubed walking belt and replaced the drive belt on my Reebok T12.80 treadmill and the walking belt still stops/slips.  I'm afraid to over tighten the walking belt and I'm basically giving in to have someone come out for a service call.  Any suggestions?

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          I had the same type of problem with my TM and ended up calling  Sears  to come out - they checked it, "tuned" it, and adjusted it properly for $64 about 3 years ago.  They will make service calls on non-Sears products, or at least they did then and it should be the same anywhere in the US I would think.  They also gave me an estimate before they came out.


          Hope this helps.

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            When I bought my TM years ago (from Sears),


            I purchased the extended warranty.  (Normally I don't subscribe to such foolishness, but in the case of the TM I did and was thankful.)


            The serviceman that came out a few times for maintenance and once for repair/fine tuning was a real pro. 


            The warranty has since expired and I too, tried my hand at TM repair.  Needless to say, I called Sears back.  They sent out a different guy who was more of a washer/dryer guy.  (This despite my explicit request for the same technician.)


            This other guy really didnt know anything about TM's.  He was a nice guy and all, but really of no use to me or the TM.  I called Sears back and told them the situation and they sent out the original guy again. 


            He gave the TM a good thorough over haul.  Still not perfect, but the treadmill is getting on in years anyways.  It works fine, but it is fairly loud now with miscellaneous panels or something rattling.  I need to replace it.


            Moral of the story is that Sears has some good people working for them.  At least one anyways.  I was pleased with him and his know-how.  But I would certainly make it clear that you need a person well-versed in TM repair.


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              I finally gave up and called in a a repair company ($100 for a service call regardless of whether the guys is there for 10 minutes or 4 hours).  I didn't realize (having never opened the treadmill before) that the front roller needed replacement.  The "track" that the drive belt runs in (a collar that's bigger than the roller and grooved for the belt) had actually slipped and moved.  You could see that the construction on the original part was bad.  I didn't use the service company to replace the front roller.  I bought one from treadmill doctor and installed it myself.  Problem solved!


              The repair company called me back and gave a quote for doing the front roller replacement.  $199 for the part and then $65 for the tech to come back out for repair.


              I bought the replacement roller on Treadmilldoctor for $144.

              2013 Goals:  stay under 20 for 5k(19:39 best this year), min. 60 mi. / mo.


              "Who you are will show in what you do"