Goal of Sub-3 Hour Marathon (Read 15839 times)


    For a Sunday race - I like to keep doing light speed work or I get flat


    Mon - I would usually do 2 or 3x 1 mile @ light LAT (Usually Closer to 1/2 marathon pace than 10 mile pace)


    Tue - Recovery paced running

    Wed - 2-3 x 3 minutes @ 5k pace (Again light 5k pace) - My usual workout is 5x5 minutes @ 5k pace

    TH - recovery paced running + 6 multi speed striders (I usually start with MP, then 1/2 MP, then 10k pace, then 5k pace, back to MP and then a true faster strider)

    FR Recover pace - very easy 20-30 minute run

    SA - recovery pace - a few striders @ mp down to 10k pace.  If I am doing the Austrailian method of loading I will then add the 3 minutes at slow mile pace (Probably more mile 3000 meter pace)


    I typically do mileage 40-45% of max mileage in these 6 days prior to the marathon.

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        I have never hit the "Carb Depletion" wall in a marathon. 


      I think your mileage has something to do with this.




        Good luck in Dublin - I am sure with your previous race results you will smash it. Hope to see the race report.


        Ken - nice run. 37:03. I had better improve quickly if we are racing together in Brisbane


          Guys dont know if you bother much with resting heart rate monitoring, mine is usually 38/39 bpm but for the last 2 day has been up around 43/44.  I feel ok should I be worried about this or is it a sign of pre-race anxiety stress ? Is this normal?

            Made it under 3 hours, barely.  2:59:32.  My goal was a PR (I knew at the beginning it was way ambitous but what the heck)!  Little RR in my log.


            Silicon Valley Marathon


            Ger - don't know about whether 43 or 44 is significant.  Mine seems to vary from 40 (lowest my machine will measure) to 45 on any given morning.



              good luck ger¡¡¡

              10km 38'19''

              HM 1h22'07''

              M 2h58'44'' 

                Congrats on another sub-3, Ken! I saw your time on the results. Thought about looking around for you, but I don't know what you look like.

                Like you, I went out too fast. Based on my 1:29 half 3 weeks ago I thought it wasn't unreasonable to pace for 3:10. By mile 6 I could tell it wasn't to be, and dialed it back, coming in at 3:19:08. I was tired the whole way. No doubt some of that is due to the inexplicable choice not to offer a sports drink on the course (Ultima has no calories!), but mostly it's due to the fact that I'm basically not training at the moment. So, I'm reasonably satisfied.

                I met a new Marathon Maniac, Rudy Montoya, who finished 3rd OA with a 2:49. Whoa. But he also said he had a hard day.

                  Nice run, Bob.  Tough day out there. To be honest, I've had much, much worse so it's good. 

                  I did see maniac Rudy at the park after the marathon.  He asked me if I had run 2:55.  He was going one way and I was going another (we were leaving) so didn't have time to talk to him but I told him I had run the 2:59.  Later I was wondering how he knew I was trying for 2:55!  I thought maybe it had been you! 

                  We have to get together at one of these races.  JimHowe was there, though he didn't run.  Here's some pictures my wife took of the start and then at the 26 mile marker.  Maniac Rudy is in there.  I think I finished 9 or 10 but don't really know.  Caveat - These pics were uploaded for my family to see so that's why there's so many (I'm in the red/white/blue West Valley singlet at the end of the string).  Good shots of 1 and 2 battling it out.




                  MTA - Photos courtesy of my wife, Kathy.


                  Silicon Valley

                    Chalk up another one for the machine. It took a tough course and a 2-week bout with a cold bug to finally put an end to that string of PR's you had going, but still a helluva run.


                    Great pics too. I think I see a tall maniac lined up just behind you who isn't Rudy Montoya. Hmmm, who could that be?


                    Sorry we missed you Bob. Lot's of Cal races for you lately. Are you out here to stay or just passin' through?



                    Age 60 plus best times: 5k 19:00, 10k 38:35, 10m 1:05:30, HM 1:24:09, 30k 2:04:33



                      Sounds like a tough course but yet another great run - I like the way you think at the end of a marathon. I'll just run a 40 minute 10K - no one will ever call you a pessimist. Congratulations on another great run.


                      Sounds like Bob also had a good day out - with a fantastic time tempered by illness. Great going.



                        Great pics too. I think I see a tall maniac lined up just behind you who isn't Rudy Montoya. Hmmm, who could that be? 


                        Ha! Yep, that would be me. How about that.


                        Sorry we missed you Bob. Lot's of Cal races for you lately. Are you out here to stay or just passin' through?


                        I'm living in Menlo Park for a year, then back to Vancouver next fall.

                          Holy smokes, Bob!  That was you?!  I figured that was Rudy Montoya but that the race had shunk him down some!!  You look like you were thinking "Who is this little shit blocking my way?".


                          DLJ - thanks for the encouragement.  Hope to see you for that 10K in Brisbane.

                            Hey, I'm just 5'11", not especially huge. Though I am a bit larger in the transverse dimensions than I was this spring, alas.

                              Nice one Ken. You know you're going places when your 'sad story' is a 2:59


                              bhearn - nice race face! Why is everyone washing their hands? Is this a flu prevention thing or was it just cold at the start?



                              Goal: Age grade over 80% on a certified course.

                                Nice job Ken and Bob!!!!