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    You have the Garmin/GPS data already which maybe could be auto-added to the main stats on our log.  Even if this cannot be done auto, I would love to be able to track weekly gain via manual field/entry, especially when training for trail / mountain runs.


    Thanks for consideration.


      Take it this is a no go Wink ?

        Take it this is a no go Wink ?


        Patience. Eric does things right, and that usually doesn't mean right away.

        It should be mathematical, but it's not.

          Take it this is a no go Wink ?


          It means I haven't had time to respond to your request Tongue


          I can certainly add this, but since it requires a database change, I rather do it for the next training log release.


            Great - TY.


            The Scrub

              Just wondering if there is an update on this. I was looking for this feature and was surprised it wasn't there already.

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              • Sub 20 minute 5k
              • Sub 90 minute half.

                No update on this front.  It is in the queue and is coming up soon.