Wireless headphones / buds? (Read 113 times)


    I received the JBL Under Armour Train Wireless Sport Headphones yesterday.

    I absolutely love the audio signature. Much better in all respects than the Koss PortaPro (wired) I was wearing. And the freedom of wireless!

    The only thing I can complain about is the wind noise when running is worse with these than it was with the Koss.

    I fully understand the issue: These cans have a large wind profile, even when compared to the Koss PortaPro. Even more when compared to IEM's.

    There is also the thumping of each footfall which seems heavier than the Koss. I believe this is due to their more closed construction.

    These are not deal breakers by any means; I have been running with all sorts of headphones (IEM's and cans) and they all have one issue or another. The IEM's cause my ears to become hot and moist inside, which is much more uncomfortable than the wind and thumping in my ears.


    Of course, I can simply run more slowly, or be sure I am always running with the wind at my back, or run indoors on a 'dreadmill'. No thanks. I'll take the wind noise any day over indoor training.

    As for the thumping from my footfalls; I just need to create playlists with the correct beat, so my footfalls will sync with the drums.


    The thing about these JBL Under Armour cans is that they were designed for use in the gym, where you won't have wind noise, and footfall thumping only if you're a runner, and I suspect that the sound would be less pronounced if running on a treadmill or even a rubberized track.

    I might try the local HS track, but with so many people using it due to the pandemic (gyms still closed or no one wants to risk going there?), it would be very difficult to maintain proper distancing, and I really don't like running with a mask.


    Life is always a compromise, so I'll just accept the minor distractions and keep running. I surely do enjoy the lack of wires!