Smashed my 10k PR!! (Read 896 times)

    So today I ran the Red October Run 10k in Wayne, MI as a warmup for the Detroit HM in 2 weeks. This was my second 10k ever, the first being my first ever race in May. It was a gorgeous day, about 50 degrees and sunny at race time, with a nice certified flat course. I pushed hard but didn't want to overdo it and ended up with a PR, beating my first race by 5:11!!!! Whewhew!! Big grin My splits: 1M: 7:47 2M: 15:39 3M: 23:38 4M: missed 5M: 39:24 6M: missed 10K: 48:25 Overall, averaged 7:48/Mile, so a pretty even race. I am so happy to see that much improvement, and I owe a lot of it to the great info that I have picked up from this site. Smile This just motivates me to keep going and see what else I can do in the future. Whewhew!! Big grin
    - Tony


      Super PR effort. Looks like you paced it perfectly. Well done.

      I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


        Congrats! And best of luck in Detroit!

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          Great job, Tony! You kicked arse! Keep up the great running and rock the Motor City! Wink

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            Well done. What a gain in pace, wow! I'll bet you can hit 7:45 or 7:50 pace (or better) for your half, given that you worked hard, but didn't push it.

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              Thanks all! I am hoping for a good run in Motown, would really like to break 8:00min pace, but will have to see how it goes. I feel good right now, and hope it keeps up.
              - Tony

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                Congrats Tony! You've had a great year of running and I'm willing to bet that you'll crush Detroit! It's a great HM run. Pretty flat, just the first half of the bridge, and then coming out of the tunnel from Canada are uphill. Other than that, she's a flat one. I'd love to run it this year...alas, GR beckons. GOOD LUCK!!!

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                  Thanks Mike! I really am looking forward to the half. This was my original goal race when I started running, and it means a lot to run it at home. I do have my sights set on running the Bayshore next year (full marathon), if everything goes right. I might even slip in the Surf City half in Huntington Beach on Superbowl Sunday. Have to see how everything goes. Good luck in GR! Are you running the half?
                  - Tony
                    That's a big improvement over only a few months, well done and good luck in the half! Simon.

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                      Looking at your log, it looks like you shaved off one minute for each month since your last 10k. Very impressive!

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                        wow! That's fantastic ... congrats on a great race and good luck with the HM

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