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    I think I messed something up, I copied a wrong code into the home page bar, and when I went back in to delete it, the "update" button is gone and I can't erase the code line. I'd like to add a picture - does that need to come from a host site like web pages? thanks

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      Hi, Cheryl. Usually problems like this seem to get fixed by refreshing the page and/or reloading the browser. Try going back into it again and see if you can't "update" it now. As for adding a picture, click on the "browse" button to the right of the "picture" line on that same page, and browse over to the picture you want to use. When you click on "update" it'll be uploaded. If you want to change the picture you have, you have to delete it first, in a separate action, click "update" after deleting it, and then upload a new one. I hope that works for ya! Welcome! Big grin

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