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    First off, thanks for providing this site. I think I've been on it for ten years or so!


    I'd like to suggest the addition of a workout type: the walk. As I've gotten older (almost 65...gasp!) I've noticed more of the older former running compatriots creating walking groups. These groups can covered as little as 3 miles a session to as many as 10 miles! And they're not slow! Generally you burn the same number of calories walking a mile as running one and this is becoming a more common thing among the aging active population.


    I have started doing a few of these walks with friends and it's a great time to socialize and enjoy the outside at a more casual pace. I really don't want to put these walks under the Run category and have been using the Default to list them. This morning we covered 4.8 miles! Then I did a 2.7 mile run! It was a great morning to catch up on gossip, get a workout in, and practice the social distancing while on the move!


    Anyway, please consider adding Walk if you think that could be done. Thanks!






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      You can add walks already.

      Top right corner. Go into Options --> Manage my Activities --> + New Activity (Name it walk).

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