Individual Workout graphs not functioning (Read 237 times)


    Hi there,


    first, a huge thanks for runningahead - it is an awesome tool to monitor my training!


    However, it seems that graphs for individual workouts are not working for me. For example, see this workout. The x-axis (distance) only runs to 0.014 km. If I choose duration for the x-axis, the graph is completely empty.


    I use a Garmin FR70 with footpod and heart rate strap, and upload using the Garmin communicator plugin.


    Any hints on how to getting the graphs work would be really appreciated!


      I looked into your data file and it didn't look right to me.  It doesn't contain time stamps for each data point and the distance is all over the place.  Could you send the original file to me at support@runningahead.com so I can see what happened?  Thanks!


      eric Smile


        Thanks Eric, I sent you the files via email.

          I'm working on the files you sent me.  I found a bug that caused the time stamps to be missing.  I now get times and distances from the data, but they are way off the expected values so I'm combing through the FIT file specs to locate this other bug.