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    blue-  Congrats on a great race and AG award!!  I think it was a wise decision to walk at times.  I can understand why people enjoy trail races but I'm with you on preferring road races.


    Wolf-  Sounds like you've got some serious plans to get seriously faster!  How long have you been running?


    keeponrunning-  Welcome!  How's the training going?


    Lurch-  We've been gossiping about you since you've disappeared!  Ok, not really.....You've been making great progress.  Both your weight and pace are heading in the right direction.  'Grats for signing up for your first full!  Did you have that, 'what the hell did I get myself into' moment when you hit the 'submit' button to register?


    hector-  Those are good looking shoes.  I hope they work for you.  Your wife probably saved both of your lives from a brutal turkey attack.  I can just see the headlines now.  You probably just bruised the top of your foot a little and need to let it recover.  I've tied my laces too tightly before and it's very unpleasant.


    kenyan-  You'll break through the mental barrier of the LR.  I only think of the turn around point.  Seven miles till I turn around (no problem) then I'm running home.  Give the music a try, too.  I usually turn mine on around the halfway point of a LR.  You'll get there.  Mental training is a good thing.  Have your wife drop you off 12 miles out and make her promise, promise, promise not to pick you up unless you're injured.  And that's not gonna happen.


    Nathan- First of all, congratulations on a new PR and a well run race!  I hear sometimes about people being led in the wrong direction.  It seems not to be rare.  I know that doesn't help.  It just means there are a lot of pissed off racers.  Mine was a 10k which was an entire mile short. ( I still don't want to talk about it.)  On the bright side, you got to run with your son!  Is it just me or do the two of you have the exact same gait/form?  Did you make a decision about the HM two weeks before your full?  My .02 cents:  I think you have the mileage to be able to recover quickly enough for the full.  But just because I think that doesn't make it so.  Also, the risk of injury is something to keep in mind.  I know you're itching to get in a proper HM.


    Zelanie-  I'm hoping your run tomorrow is pain-free!  You're training has been stellar so hopefully you just needed a few days off and you'll be ready to go.


    Jan-  I just realized I must've cross-posted with you last time.  Are you still feeling good?  Sounds like you're back at full speed.  Excellent.


    me-  Ran 8 today with some strides.  I felt like crap yesterday so did nothing, zero, zip, nada.  My legs felt bad today but actually felt much better after the run.  Then off to the gym I went for back and biceps.  My mileage the past couple of weeks isn't what I had hoped for but the reduction couldn't be avoided.  It'll have to be good enough.  I've got 5 with strides planned for tomorrow.

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      Hi Miele,


      I have been running for 7 months now. Before that I never ran more than one mile.  Ran my first marathon in December 2012. Recovered and on my training again and looking around for another full mara soon !!    We will see how low I can drop with the speedwork the last couple months.  If I can keep getting better I will push as hard as I can go. I am very motivated and hungry to get faster for sure. I just want to keep a safe and healthy balance between the two. I am running a half-marathon on Sunday so hoping to set a new PR around 1:45?? Time will tell Smile

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      If you ask

        Jeff - you certainly have the miles for a full.   I'm running a full on May 26 also.  I'm most worried about it being warm.


        Jan - so happy that you're feeling better.  You are certainly welcome to our alternate world.  Every day is pancake day!


        Bluerun - it seems that GPS is never accurate on the may have something to do with the hills?  Congrats on the AG award.  I like trail running for the challenge, and it certainly helps with speed on flat roads!  After a hard trail run, running on the road almost feels effortless!


        Wolf - good luck at your half.


        Keeponrunning - hello.


        Lurch - you made the leap to a full!  Congrats!   It's nice when your pace increases; one can really appreciate all the hard work.   I've heard the WDW marathon is cool.  I'm sure you will love it.  One day I'd like to run the Goofy.


        Hector - what's up with you and feet?? Now it's the TOP of your foot?  Sounds like the tight laces put too much pressure on the foot.  I wear 1/2 size bigger to avoid squished toes on the downhills.   I know what you mean about turkeys... One time I was running in the woods with my brother and we encountered a deer. They usually run away but this one was staring us down, so we quietly, and respectfully, turned around and ran the other way.


        Kenyan - the race atmosphere will definitely help you.  If you continue to struggle with the high miles it may be a good idea to check out a running club.  It's a shame it's so far to drive but could be worth it.  Group runs can be fun.   Using some music may be helpful too.  It certainly can be a nice distraction.  I don't use my iPod on all my runs, so it is almost like a treat to have it.  Another idea is to pick a diner about 12 miles away and run to it.   Have your wife meet you there for a post run breakfast.


        paden - congrats on a great race, despite the mishap.  That has actually happened to my brother twice (a 10k and a 5 miler).  It seems to happen to you fast guys in the front, and is corrected by the time I get there with the mid-packers!  The pics are great so thanks for sharing!   My fave is the one of your son pointing to the food.  smart boy!


        Miele - you are a fiend!   I sure wish I had your mental toughness.   i actually was thinking of you when I was running  Monday.  I have a question... I ran 18 miles (Sat) with a friend who's slower so our pace was 10:30ish.  Some 11ish.  Ran 5 easy the next day (Sun) with other (slower) friend.  So... I was running on Monday, alone, trying to take it easy as my legs felt tired.  Trying to slow the pace, i found myself staying at about a 9:15  for 6 miles. I'm trying to figure out my MP for May 26.  My last marathon I paced the first half at 10:30 m/m (second half in 9s) and finished feeling too good. So should I set the pace of first half of full at 10 m/ m?  Or is that too risky?   I really know little about pacing myself.  Maybe I should just quit running and start baking. I understand recipes!


        Me -  heading out to the trails today.  Weatherman says the temp will be in the 80s.  So with a jump of 40-50 degree running weather to suddenly be in the 80s I fully expect to die today.  Definitely getting a smoothie afterwards.

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        Super B****

          Wolfwalker -- well, that's ambitious!  But it would certainly be cool.


          hector -- running with turkeys?  And to think, I complain about dogs... I've done that with the laces causing the top of my foot to hurt; I just re-did the laces the next day so that they didn't cross over the painful spot, if that makes any sense.  (Instead of making an "X" and crossing the laces from one side to the other, I looped it from one eyelet on the left side to the one on top of it on the same side, and the same thing on the right side.)


          kenyan -- sorry, I should know this -- is it your first half?  I can understand wanting to go past the race distance as a confidence boost.  Maybe I'm crazy, but I never doubted that I could cover the distance... if you can run nine or ten, you can run a half, especially with the race atmosphere to help.  Then again, I've always erred on the side of lower mileage because I'd rather be uninjured than have the "confidence boost" of having run the distance.


          npaden -- ugh, sorry about the course, that sucks... but you did turn in a good performance regardless.  The pictures of your son running with you are adorable.


          Zelanie -- hope the rest helped!


          miele -- some days are just like that... I had a similar one yesterday.  Feeling like you've been run over by a truck for no good reason isn't much fun!  Running always helps, though...


          Edith -- will you really need a smoothie when you're dead?!  Have fun on the trails!


          me -- my shins were BAD yesterday.  It's hard to recover from workouts when you're not sleeping, and insomnia is my best friend these days, so that doesn't help.  I booked a sports massage for today, and I'm already cringing, because it's going to hurt.  A lot.  I did get in five miles in new shoes today (men's Musha 5 -- LOVE them), but they were nice and easy instead of the tempo run I would have done if I didn't feel so trashed.

          chasing 5:59


          because i never shut up ... i blog


            Npaden – it is frustrating to hear about the navigation during your race. You did awesome. 1:48:29 is excellent timing. it is neat to see your son running with you in the end. Your splits were almost perfect.


            Zelanie – good job in resting. You will be ready on 14th


            Miele – it is good that you felt better after running for 8 miles. It is interesting that a lot of times we don’t feel good and a couple of miles into the run, we start feeling better!


            Wolfwalker23 – good luck with your half marathon this Sunday!


            EdithRevisited – I know! My right foot and I have interesting relationship for last 5 weeks or so. I hope it feels better soon and I don’t get injured again – at least by making silly mistakes like tiding tightly. I am going to get half size bigger trail shoes next time. I hope your trail run goes well and temperature wont bother you that much.


            Bluerun – I know what you mean by redoing the laces to that it doesn’t bother painful spot. Thanks for explaining me the way you tied shoe laces. I would try that next time. This is the first time I am thinking if I was running barefoot, stupid things like these won’t happen, but of course it would cause other injuries. I am sorry to hear that your shins were hurting. It is always exciting that when we feel awesome trying new shoes for the first time. I tried new shoes for the first time today as well. Ran for 6 miles. It was a hard(less cushion than I am used to) ride. My foot was hurting, but new shoes were feeling great and I didn’t want to stop. Now my foot is hurting little more than last night. I might not run tomorrow.


            Me – I do not think about running multiple races in short time. I am not going to improve much and couple of minutes here or there won’t make any difference for me. And I would rather spend that money on shoes and other running related stuff than multiple races with similar results.  After running my first half marathon on March 30th, I was thinking about running my first marathon in a year.


            As I mentioned previously, my father-in-law ran his first 10k at the same event with us. A couple of weeks before the race I asked him why he is running. Does he like it? And he responded saying he finds running boring and is doing it because we asked him and he wanted to do with my wife and I. We finished our race on Saturday and I see an email from him on Wednesday mentioning three nearby events in couple of months and he would like to participate in them! I am sure that running doesn’t exciting him that much, but making this a family affair is the reason that he is interested in these events. So for now seems like we might run another race in mid may!

              miele-we all get a day where we feel like crap, and do a rest instead. No harm there. I see you are doing a HM on the same weekend as me, cool. Sending the PR waves your way.


              npaden-good stuff on the PR, for sure the 1:40's are in the bag next time. The extra distance and equipment malfunction add a little stress to an already stressful situation. But you did well.


              wolf-welcome, when is your FM? With a goal of 1:45 for the HM, you will do well in the full. I am doing my first FM in September, only after 3+ years of running. Where is your race?


              hector-good to hear that the family is getting involved too.


              me-ran 18k both weekends, and have a last 18k on Sunday, then tappppeeeerrrr!!! My last 18k was a comfortable 1:32, so with 3k short of a HM, I am feeling good so far.

              Oh, and a heart stress test 4 days before my HM. How fun is that. Should a play with the clinic and tell them this is the first time I have ever run? heheh.

              For all those interested, I finally have a FB page for the lace looks. Do a search for SPRGear. The actual website will be up soon.


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                Only have a second but I'll come back and catch up later...


                Question for bluerun and others who have had shin issues: It seems like I'm dealing with some shin splints. It's only on the right side and only bothers me when I'm running, more at the start than when I get going. I'd say the pain is only about 3/10, but I definitely feel it and definitely want to avoid a stress fracture from continued abuse.


                My chiro wants me to take a week completely off, stretching, icing, and doing the low level laser treatments (which supposedly promote healing), then try it and see how it is. My race is 2 weeks from Saturday. So I guess the last 10-12 miler I wanted to do this week is out.


                Wondering how long it took others to recover if you've dealt with this and what helped most. I WILL run my race, even if I have to take every day until then off...but of course I'd rather not do it that way.

                  Thanks everyone for the best wishes on sunday.


                  Stever,   I ran the operation jack  Marathon in December in Manhattan Beach , California.  I got a 4:39.11 which was ok, but my goal was sub 4 hours.  That race I was fine until about 16 miles and then I cramped in my hip / adductor area.  I was injured prior to the race and did not run at all for 2 weeks until marathon day.  I didn't even know if I was healthy to compete but my foot pain never bothered me.  I hit the wall do to some nutrition, fueling problems, and not doing any running for 2 weeks.


          Here is the video of that marathon if you want to check it out.



                   Anyways this weekend I will be running a half-mara alone.  Just doing the miles and seeing what pace I can put out.  No specific full marathon planned yet, but I need to pick soon ( 1.5months!)  as I will be up to max training miles soon. 

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                  Half Marathon = 1:38.53  Summer Sizzle 7/13/14

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                  Solo O Marathon 06/02/13  3:52:10

                  Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/13 3:40.34


                    Zelanie - I hope your hip is feeling much better by now. If not, maybe see a doc to find out what it is.


                    miele - I'm glad your legs felt better after your run, but it stinks that you haven't been feeling all that great. I wonder if you're fighting off a virus of some type. Good luck with the 5 miler and strides today.


                    Wolf - Getting faster is good, but I'm glad you mentioned the safe and healthy part. You've accomplished quite a lot in the 7 mos. you've been running.


                    Edith - 80 degrees!! I'm so jealous. Yesterday we had a spring blizzard with 10 inches of snow and frigid temps. It'll be awhile before we see 80 anything. Be careful in the heat, but enjoy every minute!


                    blue - Congrats on your race! I'm sorry your shins are yelling at you again. Hopefully the massage will help, and I'm sure a good night's sleep wouldn't hurt either.


                    hector - Maybe your FIL has caught the running/racing bug! You and your wife are definitely a good influence in that area. I like your philosophy about racing and how you spend your money.


                    Nathan - Congrats on an excellent race in spite of everything! I love the pics, and your son definitely looks like he's already quite a runner.


                    stever - I'm headed over to look at the FB page - how exciting!! I know what my running friends will be getting as gifts. Be sure to let us know how the tests go, but my bet is that your heart is totally healthy. Your runs sound like they've been good - enjoy your stay in taper town.


                    gosling - Sorry about the forced week off, but I think it's probably a good idea. It's better to arrive at the starting line healthy, and your training is already done, so rest and try not to go too crazy. Missing this weekend's run won't hurt you a bit.


                    me - I was just getting my running groove back then we got the damn snow - ugh! The chiro still wants me to build the mileage fairly slowly, and do hills and speed work "sparingly and cautiously." On my 5 miler Monday, DH and I shook out the cobwebs with an avg. pacd of 8:51, and some 7 mm intervals (short ones). All felt pretty good. I see the  sports med doc tomorrow to talk about the hip bursitis, because it's still there - just not bothering me as much. I did some faster TM miles this morning, and am more sore than I've been in awhile. Since I've been more aware of my form and how my parts feel during a run, I could really tell that the TM jacks my form up. Hopefully I can minimize the TM miles going forward. Oh, and we dropped from the 10 mile race to the 5 miler the end of this month. I am just not well-prepared to race 10 miles.

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                      Wolf-  Good luck with your HM on Sunday.  I always hear that it's almost impossible to run as well in a time trial (that's what I'll call it even though I'm not sure that's the correct term)  as you would in a race.  Race day adrenaline, taper, etc. all play a big part.  So whatever you run on Sunday you'll more than likely be able to run faster in a race.  Just something to take into account.  So if you get your 1:45 on Sunday just imagine what you could run in a race.  Are you saying you're going to run a marathon in 1.5 months or you need to decide in 1.5 months?


                      Edith-  Oh goodie!  A pace question!  I used to love all the pace advice threads on RW.  So I have a couple of questions:  What's your average weekly mileage?  Have you had any HMs that haven't been trail races?  I'm positive the trail running and racing has made you a stronger runner but it's difficult to get a true idea of your speed with all those rocks, hills, fallen trees, rivers, etc. getting in your way.  I think you took it way too easy in your last full considering how much you sped up in the second half and how great you felt afterwards.  Don't you know you're supposed to feel absolutely dreadful after a marathon?  It would be helpful to see your log but I understand the need for privacy. (I think mine is private, too).  Also, you can bake after you run.  Or before.  But not instead of.


                      blue-  I've seen that type of lacing somewhere on line.  It makes sense.  So sorry about your shins.  Be very careful with that.  I hope the massage helped.  BTW, the Mushas look very cool!


                      hector-  Were the shoes you tried today for the first time the Kinvaras?  If so then the Viratas are more cushioned, right?  I think it's great your FIL is looking at races.  He's got the bug for sure.  You know, if you don't feel like racing you could always go and cheer him on.  Still would be a family affair.


                      stever-  Thanks for the PR vibes!  I'll be sending them to you, too!  What are you going to try for?  1:40 or faster?  Congrats on the lace locks FB page!  I'm going to go check it out.


                      gosling-  Dang shins!  Take care!  That last 10 miler won't change a thing if you need to miss it.  It's more important to get those shins back in line.


                      Jan-  I don't know about fighting off something.  I wouldn't be surprised since my throat/neck was feeling weird.  That seems to have cleared up.  You got snow?!?  I'm afraid it got into the 80's here today.  Sorry.  You ran 7mm intervals?  Even if they were short that's quite zippy!


                      me-  Got the 5 in with strides today but my legs are being anti-social and they don't want to play nice.  I'm taking the next two days off running.   They need to snap out of it.  It's getting annoying.  I'm going to do like hector and just stop talking about it.

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                        Zelanie - how are the days off going?  I think that's the safe thing to do for sure.


                        Miele - sorry too hear about the dead legs.  Have you ever taken a long break after all your races and training?  The Hansons book says that they have to take 2 full weeks off with no running after a marathon.  Those are elite runners and lots of people laugh at that, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do after my marathon.  For sure cut way back on my miles for a couple weeks.


                        Me - thanks for the comments on my race.  I'm starting to get over it and thinking that I'll just leave it there and maybe next time I'll just go for 1:45 and smash this one.


                        Back on my marathon training plan now.  Had a REALLY nice strength interval workout tonight.  Weather was perfect, 51 degrees and a light breeze.  My GPS is cutting corners on me all the sudden so as I was running this it didn't say it was as fast so I kept speeding up and then I went in and edited my track based on the map and the path that I actually ran instead of running over top of houses and stuff and it knocked about 15 seconds off my average pace.  Supposed to be 2 X 3 miles at 8:30 pace with 2 mile warmup, 1 mile recovery and 1 mile cool down.  Ended up running the intervals a bit faster than that.  Overall pace was 8:43 and avg HR was 153 which is 79% of my max HR.


                        Splits (GPS Interval)
                         TypeDistance Split settingsDurationTotal DurationPaceAvg HRMax HRNotes
                        1 Manual 1 mi 9:47.75 9:47.75 9:48 133 149  
                        2 Manual 1 mi 9:31.03 19:18.78 9:32 137 148  
                        3 Manual 1 mi 8:12.58 27:31.36 8:13 160 167  
                        4 Manual 1 mi 8:04.07 35:35.43 8:05 162 169  
                        5 Manual 1 mi 8:00.58 43:36.01 8:01 164 168  
                        6 Manual 1 mi 9:41.76 53:17.77 9:42 146 165  
                        7 Manual 1 mi 8:13.79 1:01:31.56 8:14 158 164  
                        8 Manual 1 mi 8:07.95 1:09:39.51 8:08 164 169  
                        9 Manual 1 mi 8:00.3 1:17:39.81 8:01 165 168  
                        10 Manual 1 mi 9:12.03 1:26:51.84 9:13 154 170  
                        11 Manual 0.56 mi 5:08.15 1:31:59.99 9:11 150 154


                        165 is 85% of my max HR so pretty much right in line with what I would expect from a decent workout, but the pace was quite a bit faster that I was thinking.  I really enjoy these faster workouts and being able to just mindlessly follow a plan.  This is my last high volume week and then I'll start cutting a little volume and some intensity over the next few weeks.  Just over 3 weeks until my first marathon!

                        Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

                        Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)


                          Zelanie - Hope rest is doing the trick and you are feeling better!


                          miele - Sorry your legs still aren't back to normal. That's where I was for the past week and it's really frustrating. I'm glad to hear you're doing the smart thing and taking the time off you need...I kind of kept pushing with a mentality of "just one more week and then I'll taper" and look where it landed me.


                          bluerun - Congrats on the AG award! I've never done a trail race but I'd like to try one in the future.


                          Lurch - Isn't it cool to see your easy pace creeping lower? Whenever I feel discouraged about my progress I remind myself of my "easy" (which didn't really feel easy at all!) pace when I started running. Awesome that you signed up for a marathon. I'm nowhere near ready for a full yet, but it's on my goal list sometime down the line.


                          hector - Thanks for the vote of confidence. It actually applies even more now that I've been sidelined by my shin. Really hoping that one week is all it takes to heal and I can squeeze in at least a few more runs before my race. So cool about the turkeys! I run in the city so that is very funny image for me.


                          npaden - That must have been so frustrating!! I think if that happened to me I would have lost my cool and the whole race would have suffered. LOVE the pics of you and your son, though. So sweet that he was so concerned about crossing the finish line with you. Also, congrats on your new PR. I know it's not what it should have been, but it's still a great time.


                          stever - Good luck with your tests, hope they confirm that everything is fine!


                          Jan - Sounds like you are doing really well with your recovery. Hope the sports med doctor can get rid of the bursitis as well so you're back to 100%. I notice the same thing about the TM jacking up my form. Sometimes I think it's just that I'm so bored I overthink things and start making weird corrections. And to think I once preferred the TM...


                          Me - Well, I'm sitting here on the couch with my ice, hoping it's doing something. In other news, it has gotten really hot here this past week. I'm concerned about how the heat will affect me on race day. I am SO not used to running in hot weather, and my past few runs all felt really difficult (which could have been a combo of many things, but heat definitely was part of it.) Everyone just needs to cross their fingers for a cold front to move through here!

                            miele- Hopefully your legs are just telling you they need an extra taper, and you get to the starting line exactly where you need to be!


                            Wolfwalker- Sounds like you've made some incredible progress in a short time!  Good luck this weekend!


                            Edith- Hope your run went well in the heat!


                            Bluerun- Sorry about the shins!  Hope that they are feeling better soon!

                            Hector- Sounds like your FIL has the racing bug!


                            Stever- Happy tapering!


                            gosling- Oh no!  Hope that the time off is exactly what you need!


                            Jan- Hopefully the spring will help you avoid TM miles.  Hope the hip continues to improve!


                            npaden- Sounds like you bounced back really well from the HM!


                            me- Had a GREAT run tonight!  I took 3 days completely off, then today was planning for 2 easy.  So I ran the two and felt great, and thought, "maybe I'll just throw in a few race-pace strides."  That felt great, too, and then suddenly I was at 2.5.  So I figured I'd jog out the last half mile to make it an even 3.  Back to feeling optimistic!  Apparently taper madness makes me a bit bipolar, sorry. Blush

                              Thanks for the welcome!  My training's been fairly consistent, I've been loosely following Higdon's plan for Novice 2, but due to a hockey tournament I've had to change the last few weeks around (can't do a long run and 3+ hockey games in a weekend, my legs will die).


                              Wolf- Wow, that's a large jump!!  Good luck, hope you do well!!


                              Kenyan-  +1 on the other comments about music.  I'll have it going for the whole run and will tune in for parts and ignore it for other parts.  I think 11 should easily prepare you, it's amazing how much the race day atmosphere helps!!


                              Miele:  Dead legs happen.  You're wise to listen to your body.


                              Zelanie:  Good to hear!  I think tapering makes us all bipolar.  Smile


                              Gosling:  Sounds like bad timing weather-wise, I'm afraid of the same thing happening with my June HM.  (I have one in May and one in June)

                              'No matter how slow you go, you're still lapping everyone on the couch'


                              "Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day. It asks you, 'Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?'"  - Peter Maher


                              "Running long and hard is an ideal antidepressant, since it's hard to run and feel sorry for yourself at the same time. Also, there are those hours of clearheadedness that follow a long run."  -Monte Davis

                                miele-my HM PR is 1:44 from last year. Training has been good and consistent and healthy so far. The race is flat, but my PR was on a hilly course. So, all this to say that I am shooting for a 1:40. I really want to get my HM to double digits (<100 minutes).


                                me-did a nice 5K jog, and hoping to do either hills or a 13.5k run tonight. Tomorrow we are expecting snow and freezing rain. How nice.


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