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    Npaden – sorry that you had no power for 24 hours. I am a foreigner and growing up I was used to not having power few hours a day – once a week. In fact the power we had was not enough to use tube lights and we were forced to use light bulbs. Then we moved to a big city and then I moved to the states a decade ago. Now I am use to have power all the time and it would not be comfortable to not have power for 24 hours. Big congratulations to you in running your 10k at your goal pace. 7.35 is super quick! Your splits were perfect. Seems like you executed it perfectly


    Miele – I did not go for a run last weekendSad it takes time to adjust as weather gets hotter this time of the year. You had a good running week. way to go for a tempo run after not feel good about last few tempo runs


    Wolfwalker23 – thanks for sharing about that video. That made me feel good tooSmile
    I know what you mean by not running and seeing other people running. It happens to me too. I took over a week break from running and seems like the entire city is running! Wife and her friend went for a run last Saturday. I was still not feeling great so I didn’t run, but I decided to go with them as they were running near a lake and I thought it was better to go hangout there rather than sitting home and watching tv. And it was not a great feeling to sit while everyone else was on their feet.
    210 miles hike in 20 dyas!? That sounds exciting. I have done backpacking just twice and it was only for two days both the time. I am jealous!


    EdithRevisited – congratulations on betting your PR on the same course by 4 minutes.


    Bluerun – it sucks to run a race with not proper markings. It is frustrating to experience what you experience at the race


    Me – took few days off. I officially had a week with zero running since I started running seriously few months ago. I am feeling like I am starting all over again. I went for 2 mile run on flat paved path yesterday. Thinking about going for 4 mile on the same path tomorrow and then to trails on the weekend.

      Zelanie - Glad to see you are building up to longer and longer runs.  Do you have any races on the horizon?


      Blue - OMG - I think I would have lost it.  Nothing worse than a poorly executed race - - So sorry that happened to you.


      Edith - WOW - Congrats on the PR - You seem to be quite comfortable on the trails....have you done many trail races?


      Wolf - Have a great trek.  Love to hear about your are braver than I young man :-)


      Nathan - Great pacing in that will break that barrier soon for sure!  Well run race!


      Miele - Good pace workout - did you run it alone or with others?  I find I usually run my longer runs with my group - but do my pace or intervals solo - with VERY loud music. When is your next race?


      Hector - Hope the foot is on the mend......the burning sensation is a bit troubling no?  I usually associate it with a broken bone (foot, wrist) - but if it's disappeared you don't need to worry!


      Me - Having a hard time finding my running mojo after the half.  I have been running - but not a lot - finally through in some intervals yesterday and that lit a fire.  Still uncertain about this half in July - I may just register for the 10K and enjoy a bit of cross training (tennis, swimming, soccer) the next few months.  Trying to decide on whether or not to register for a fall marathon......

      Ready, go.




        Edith-  Lunch was some yummy leftover Chinese stir-fry.    About the speed work.....It seems there are so many different options that I don't think you can really go wrong.  It can be confusing.  Of course collapsing is no good but other than that you'll be fine.  I didn't make it to the movie after all (neighbors came over for dinner).  That's ok since I haven't seen the first one yet.  I'm going to watch them before my marathon in Dec.   That would be really cool to see someone you know in the film.   Congrats on the new course PR!  Your quads need to snap out of it and get ready for the Quadzilla next month.


        hector-  Of course you're not starting all over!  It's only a week off but I know what you mean.  It's all psychological.  Did you run 4 today?


        Tara-  I'm a loner.  I know there are a lot of benefits to running with others but I just hate the idea of holding someone back, or being held back for that matter.  And I can't talk while I run.  I can gasp but I can't talk.   I also like loud music for the tempos and intervals.  I have a playlist for races which I use.  I don't want any Bossa Nova playing while I'm trying to keep a faster pace.  Sounds like you need to take a breather from training.  Just run for the fun of it for a while.  What marathon would you consider?  You might have mentioned it already but I don't remember.   I'm thinking of running a 10k the beginning of August which would lead me right into marathon training.


        me-  Ran 10 today and then went to the gym.  I'm tired.

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          Hi Everyone. Well the school year that wouldn't end finally ended on Monday at 12:15, so I'm free!!!


          miele - A 10 mile run and the gym - no wonder you're tired! Except for DH and one other friend, I prefer to run alone too. I don't think I could ever join a running group - it would drive me nuts.


          Tara - I agree with miele - sounds like you need some fun runs for awhile before you get back into major training. That way if you decide to do a full marathon, you'll be fresh when training starts.


          hector - You haven't lost anything by taking a few days off. In fact, your legs will thank you when you start running again.


          Edith, Wolf, Blue, Zelanie, Docjen, Nathan, Stever, and anyone else I missed - hi and happy running.


          We're leaving tomorrow for a couple days in Denver, then a week in Phoenix. For a thank-you to DH, his boss gave us a week at his time share townhouse and some spending $$. It sounds awesome, golf course (not that I can golf worth a crap), pool, private deck and patio, close to running and hiking. We're driving so that we can take a crapton of stuff and just take our time. I'm finally getting my wish for stinkin' hot weather - triple digits are predicted the whole time we're there. Big grin We'll be getting up really early to run.


          My runs have been going well - averaging around 30 mpw. Also been cycling for some cross training, and I never thought I'd say this but I'm really enjoying it. I'm even thinking of doing a duathlon in September. We'll see though... I don't know how much access I'll have to the internet, so everyone stay safe and healthy!

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            Jan-  Yay for freedom!!  So you've finally made peace with the bike, have you?  Glad you didn't sell it on Craigslist.  Do you like to swim, too?  Safe travels and enjoy the stay in Phoenix.  I don't know if I remember correctly but is your SIL in Phoenix?  If so, I'm sure you've already made plans to spend lots of time with her....Roll eyes (where's the emoticon with the halo when you need it?)  Take your sunscreen..... Wait.  Aren't there horrible fires now in Colorado?

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              Wolf -- happy hiking!


              miele -- ugh, I hate it when external factors screw up plans... but looks like that tempo worked out okay in the end!  And I will join your "I'm tired" party... it has not been a good week in the sleep department, especially since I was too angry to sleep on Sunday night...


              Edith -- trails are hard!  I want to repeat the 10K I did in April next year to beat my time, but I'm scared.  Joking  Congrats on beating your old time.


              hector -- a few days off doesn't hurt; definitely isn't starting from scratch!  I can understand how it might feel that way psychologically, though.


              Tara -- it's not so unusual to feel that way!  Hopefully your mojo comes back sooner rather than later.


              Jan -- hooray, freedom!  Enjoy your vacation.  I'm jealous.


              me -- I've decided I just have to stop thinking about this blasted race because my blood pressure hits the roof every time I think about it!  So, no, I am not going to ever get over it, I'm just going to pretend it never happened.  And in the unlikely event I do this race again, I will send the course to my Garmin first, so that I don't need to rely on their nonexistent marshals.  I had originally planned to make this a cutback week, since I was going to be running such a short race on Sunday, but when that more than doubled in distance, I decided to just push that off until next week.  Ran 9 on the AlterG today.  My shins are killing me and my back is acting up (again), but I'm definitely in better condition than I was a year ago today, when I had a newly fractured hip and pelvis.

              chasing 5:59


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              If you ask

                Hector - I think I heard that one really doesn't start to lose any fitness until about 2 weeks of no activity.  You will be fine.  Did you run your 4 miles?


                tara - I run on the trails at least once a week and over half of my races are trails.  I agree with Miele that perhaps you should just simply run for a while with no training goals in mind.


                Miele - I really do need to do more hill training.  I wasn't doing too much hills/trails before the marathon.   What marathon will you be training for??     10 miles, then the gym?  Good golly!!


                jan - yay!!  I picture you running out of school, pushing the little students out of your way, like that episode of Seinfeld with George and the fire.  I hope you have a wonderful vacation.  My brother did a duathlon (mtb) last summer. I think it was harder for the duathletes than the triathletes bc running twice in the heat was tough (run 5k, bike 10m, run 5k).


                Blue - I really love trail races, but I don't run them like road races.  For the trails, it's less about the time on the clock and more about enjoying the run.   You do need to forget about that stupid race. I once ran a 5 mile race where the girls forgot to tell some runners to turn (probably half o the racers).  I ran a 10k but the official results were still listed as a 5 miler so I was mad that it made my pace look like an above 10 m/m.  Grrrr.   And then one time I ran a half marathon that was shortened to 9.85 miles...    Fractured hip and pelvis?  Yikes!


                Me - On Tuesday I ran to the track (2miles), then did a 3 mile speedy run on the track, then ran home.  Decent 7 miles with the last mile pretty quick.   On Weds I ran an easy 5, felt slow but was happy to see slow was a 9:20 m/m.  Used to be closer to 10.  Yesterday I met my friend to run, 2 miles to the trails, then 2 miles in and back, for a total of 8.  At about mile 4.5 the rain started.  Then at mile 5 we heard the thunder.  When we hit the open roads, with many fields and farms, we saw the lightning.  So our pace went from 9:30ish to closer to 8 as we looked for a shelter.  We found a barn to stand near, watched the lightning (screamed a few times, yes, I admit it), and counted the seconds to the thunder.  When it hit about 10 seconds between lightning and thunder, we decided to run to the cars (2 miles away). Well, I'm here typing today so we didn't die.  Sopping wet and dripping in the mart where we bought hot cocoa, I could say after the fact that it was fun!


                Rest today, 13 or so tomorrow.

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                  blue-  I hope you're sleeping better now.  I absolutely hate it when my sleep is messed up.  It happens rarely but I'm a big pro-sleeper and I feel it when I don't get enough.   How are the shins and back feeling?  Just keep reminding yourself that at least you don't have fractured parts (yikes!).


                  Edith-  Did you get your 13+in?  I'd say your track workout went very well.  I'm envious of your slow pace.  Mine never seems to get faster than 10mm.   That run in the rain sounds like it was fun....until the lightning.  Lightning makes me nervous.  Bet the cocoa tasted great after that adventure.


                  me-  Was planning to run 13 like Edith but didn't drag my sorry butt out of bed until 10.  So I'm postponing the long run until tomorrow.  It was nice sleeping in.   And now I'm sipping my morning coffee.  Life is good.

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                    Hey guys, made it back early.  I had to get off the trail due to some food poisoning or something. I had some Jack n The box  fast food the morning I started and within 6 hours of my start, I was throwing up and stomach was awful for the whole trip.  I stayed out there for 3 days and hiked only about 40 miles. It was a really cool trip and felt strong physically, despite my stomach. The marathon training helped and I had 0 blisters which was a positive thing.  I wanted at times to run down or up the trail even with my pack on.  I am recovered now I hope and gained my weight and appetite back.  I am going to rest for maybe another week to make sure I am ok  before I do ANYTHING. It was pretty grim out there, I lost about 15 pounds in 2 1/2 days from the vomiting and dehydration. I didn't eat but maybe 200-400 calories in 2 days and I couldn't even keep that down when I did try. The smartest decision was to pull off the trail and do it another time. I do not regret coming off, I wouldn't have lasted more than a couple more hours out there in my shape. It wasn't really that hot or tough elevations, I just could not hold water or food for more than 5 minutes at a time Sad  Never had food poison before and usually my stomach is a steel trap...  I won't be going to Jacknthebox anytime soon.... Glad to be back home and catching up on running forum. If you want to see the video, I will post the link below.


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                    If you ask

                      Miele - we didn't run 13, only 9.  My right ITB is bugging me so I rested today, ice, foam roller, stretch.   Do not want to take any steps back as I like where I am, distance and speed-wise.


                      Wolfie - sorry you got sick but what a lovely hiKe. Smart to end it and live to return another day.

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                        wolf-smart move to end you hike early. I'm no food expert, but Jacknthebox doesn't sound like a healthy choice to eat for such an adventure. We don't have them here in Canada, so I cant say what they serve. Maybe I'm wrong. I sure hope you get another chance to do this hike, it sound really cool.


                        miele-know that feeling. If it wasn't for me driving my son to a rugby game at 8:30, I'd still be in bed. Turns out his game was last week!! So came home, had breakfast and laced up.


                        edith-nothing like some lightning to get the heart tracing. At least you guys were safe and sound.


                        tara-is the mojo back? I'm sure it is. Big grin


                        jan-Enjoy your freedom for the summer now that school is out. Always reminds me of Alice Cooper and "Schools Out".


                        me-been running on schedule for the last 2 months, which is not always the case in the past. Mileage is starting to creep up since i am in marathon mode, but would like to squeeze in a half sometime before. I am happy to say that my pace times have steadily moved down to around 4:45/km. I usually run 9k's during the week at around 42-43minutes, and do my LSD 18k and more at around 5:30/km. I would love to break 3:45 for my first full in September. My secret goal is to BQ at 3:25 for 2014, but this is a long shot since most marathon time predictors put a HM @ 1:44 at around 3:35. I can dream....
                        On Saturday, I ran a race-pace 9k in the morning, and then off to a 5-1/2hr karate class at 1PM. People were being graded, but I was a participant offering my support , kicks and punchesBlack eye. Legs and arms were pretty sore plus a nice welt on my right shin. So I figured a nice 18k run today in light rain would help. Did it? In my deranged mind, it did.


                        Had an almost accident on Saturday. As I was running, a bunch of road crew guys were paining white strips across the lanes at stop signs. They were using large, wooden templates (like 3'x8') to border the spray paint. As I approached, they started to lift the template and brought back to the the side of the truck. I made room and moved over to the shoulder knowing that as they loaded the template, they would probably swing it around and in my path. I figured they saw me. But nooo. They guy swung it 90° and it came right in front of my face. I used my hand and pushed it back and moved my head over. That was too close....the guy didn't even flinch.


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                          Wolfy-  Oh my!  Sorry you had to cut your trip short but it was definitely the right call.  You know, now that I think about it,  I've never had Jackinthebox.  And now I never will.  I wonder how many other people got sick from that place (makes me think of the photos popping up now of the Taco Bell guy licking the taco shells and the Wendy's guy with the Frosty machine.....).   Glad you're feeling better.


                          Edith-  Sounds like you're doing everything you can to get your ITB in order.  I forgot to answer your question earlier.  I'm running CIM (Sacramento) again in Dec.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate this year but if it doesn't, it doesn't.


                          stever-  So, let me get this straight,  you took your son to his rugby match a week late?  That's kinda funny.   All those karate reflexes helped you avoid a face full of template.  You'd think they'd look around.  That's ticking me off just thinking about it.  That could've really hurt you.


                          me-  Ran 13 today.  Uneventful.  It was beautiful out which made for a very pleasant run.  I ran it nice and slow.  10:16mm average.  That puts me at 43 for the week.  I might make this coming week a cutback week.  I'll see how it goes.

                          10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48




                            I'm feeling very far behind here!


                            Jan - So happy for you that school is over, finally!  While you're in Phoenix, wave in the direction of my mother for me (west of Phoenix.)


                            Edith - Ugh, IT band.  Is it getting any better?  I pulled the trigger and signed up for the 50K trail race.  I'm trying not to think about it ...


                            miele - I love to chat while I run, and as you noticed, it doesn't seem to affect my pace negatively!  The more the merrier as far as running partners go.  I've run with enough folks now that I don't worry about slowing people down - I know for myself, if I need a specific workout I plan it either alone or with someone I know can hang.  When I run with a group, I just get the miles in.


                            stever - too funny about a week late to the match!  Not at all funny about almost getting brained by road construction dudes!  Glad you could duck successfully.


                            bluerun - didn't get the chance to say before, but holy crap how frustrating for you that "race" must have been!  I know you are pretending it didn't happen now, but I still wanted to say I can totally appreciate being furious!


                            Wolfwalker - Eek, Jack in the Box!  I've never eaten there, but the first time I remember being aware of a big e. coli outbreak that caused deaths some years ago, it involved Jack in the Box, so I'm not sure I'd ever be able to eat there.  Sorry you had to cut your hike short.  Will you try again?


                            hector - Hi!  Taking some time off is good for you.  You won't need much to get back to where you left off.


                            Me - So my hamstring is significantly better, but now I have some Achilles tendinosis on the same side.  I think I must have been running with a little different form while the hamstring was really hurting.  I'm doing eccentric heel drops and wearing real shoes all the time.  Hopefully, it will clear up quickly.  It doesn't hurt to run, and I've read that it's ok to run if that's the case.  It just hurts after - and especially after sitting for a while and getting up to walk again.

                            I took complete leave of my senses and signed up for a trail 50K on July 13.  There's a 9 hour limit, so I think I should be able to finish.  I've been bugging a friend to pace me the last of 3 10ish mile loops.  You are allowed a pacer for the last loop only, and it's free for your pacer and they are even allowed to use course support.  She's volunteering anyway that day, so I think she should just keep up the volunteering spirit and run a loop with me!


                              TaraC – I dint know that burning sensation might mean broken foot. I was concerned about burning sensation. After reading Miele’s response mentioning stress fracture, I got worried and read about it and for a couple of day I thought I might have stress fracture and that is why I decided not to run last weekend. Miele, thank you for your concerned. It helped to listen to you and I rested.
                              I think it is normal not to be motivated for a bit after running a hard race and you had crushed your race. It is exciting that you are thinking about the full now!


                              Miele – I did not run 4 miles on the day I planned. I went out running, but my leg felt tight and I stopped after a couple of miles.
                              Good job in running 10 miles and going to gym. You are very consistent! Good job in adjusting your schedule and not pushing for long run on later in the day when it is very hot out there. 43 miles a week is pretty good.


                              Jan26.2 – you were right about my legs feeling fresh after not running for a couple of weeks. I went running on trails for 10 miles on Sunday and my leg did not feel sore at all. I was feeling fine rest of the day as well. In fact that was the first time I ran for two hours without gel and I did not feel like I needed to have a gel.
                              It is exciting that you will be traveling to Denver and to AZ. Do not need to pay for room is the best part! It is exciting that you are thinking about duathlon!


                              Bluerun - I like your positive thinking about your previous race. I hope shins and back would be fine soon


                              EdithRevisited - I did not run 4 miles on the day I planned. I went out running, but my leg felt tight and I stopped after a couple of miles.
                              You have a good week of running. Seems that thunder was thrilling for youSmile


                              Wolfwalker23 – sorry to hear about your food poisoning. It’s cool that you still hiked for 3 days! Good job in taking a week off to recover fully.


                              stever1966 – good to hear that your training is going well.


                              Doctorjen – I know what do you mean by having the pain on the same side. I experienced it on my right leg/foot and it is annoying. We all know that smart thing in this situation is not to run at all till we feel fine, but I doubt that most of us would able to do that. have you ran 50k before? Would this be your first ultra? Is it road or trail?


                              Me – after hardly running for two weeks, I went for 10 miles this Sunday and it felt great.


                              Super B****

                                Edith -- well, by that token, a race during a storm should bode quite well for PRs, no?!


                                miele -- the shins are annoying as always, the back seems mostly better (I now know I do NOT like Japanese acupuncture, will stick with the old standby, TYVM).  Good to hear your 13 went well... and 43 miles for the week?  I'd be ecstatic.  Ha.  (No, really.  I would be.)


                                Wolf -- sorry you had to cut your trip short... but hey, there's always next time?  Seeing how you didn't die, and all.


                                doctorjen -- wait, what race??  Even though I spend significantly more time NOT running than running, I prefer to be pain-free during the latter... so at least you can run without pain.  50K sounds fun!


                                Sorry if I missed anyone!!


                                Not much to report here -- I'm running a 5K this weekend, supposedly.  I REALLY want a PR.

                                chasing 5:59


                                because i never shut up ... i blog