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    Docjen - Hey, goodluck on that 50k, that sounds exciting and tough.  I know I am a long way from that kind of mileage. And, no I will not return to the trail this year anyways. Next year I would like to go when the mass of people head out. I like solo hiking but not the fact of being alone in a state of trouble,,,, sooo  I will wait patiently until April Smile


    Hector ; Glad to see you are back on the feet and running.


    Miele : I ate that fast food place before on my hiking trips but never again. If I learned any lesson it was just like marathon morning, I should have ate something at my own house that I had been eating regularly and not throw any variables into the situation. It might have worked out better huh? Next time next time.....


    Steve : You should have done a flying kick through the board and amazed those work guys lol.


    Bluerun : good luck this weekend on that 5k.   I am thinking of running one soon as well. Hope you have the fastfeet.


    me : recovered 100% from the hike.  Went for a quick 5.6mile run this morning. It was hot outside but felt good to run.  Stuck to an 8:00 pace and seemed to feel ok.  I don't have a training plan or running goal, but I will probably kick up to 3 days a week and maybe 25ish miles to stay in shape until I find a race.

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      wolf-the only way I would have amazed those guys is if I was wearing a skirt and heels (but was a woman too..) It would be awkward if I was a guy running like that. OK, this is getting weird....Confused


      me-off for a fast paced 9k tonight.


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        Wolf - Ugh, food poisoning is the absolute worse...I cannot believe you actually hiked at all with it!  Anything on your race calendar for the summer?


        Blue - How did the 5K go?


        Miele - 43 miles -that's some serious distance....any races on your horizon?  Do you run any halfs in the summer?


        DocJen - 50K - that is ambitious....I have only run one marathon(way back when I was 24) and that was far enough for me....kudos to you!


        Stever - Solid training going on with you - Which marathon are you running?


        Edith - ITB is so extremely painful - Hope it is on the mend.


        Hector - How did you feel after the 10 miles?


        Me - Think I've recharged these past few days.  Have a 10K trail race on the books for Saturday - - will be a first trail run for me -so looking forward to it....any advice?

        Ready, go.


          tara-I'm running the RnR Montreal marathon, Sept 22. When I started my training, I setup a goal time of 3:45 based on 3 HM at 1:44 to 1:46. After 4 weeks of training, my goal was revised based on pace times to 3:29. We'll see if the training plan is accurate in the next 4-6 weeks as my long runs kick in.


          question for all in the US: Are your races setup with mile and km markers? How are splits shown on race results pages?


          me-next run is a 9K on Friday and an 18K on Sunday. Ran a 9K last night at 42:10 (7:30 mile pace). Was tired after work, but I pushed through it.


          5K/22:33   10K/47:52   21.1K/1:44:06  42.2K/4:07:37
          2014 Goals: 5K<22:00 10K<45:00 HM<1:40  FM<3:45


          Super B****

            Wolf -- glad to hear you're back to 100%!  Trying to find the fastfeet, believe me!


            Tara -- only advice from me is to have fun!  That was all I wanted out of my trail 10K, which is a good thing, because if I'd run 10K on the road at that pace I would have been quite upset indeed.  The 5K didn't happen yet, so I couldn't really say Wink


            stever -- generally, the races I've done here just have mile markers.


            I intended to run four easy miles this morning, but it somehow turned into 5+.  That happens sometimes.  It was nice.  Progressive splits, which always make me happy!

            chasing 5:59


            because i never shut up ... i blog


              stever - generally I've seen only mile markers, although occasionally there will be some km markers - like a 5K, or 10K marker during a half for example.  How splits are shown on race results seems to vary hugely.  Some races only show final time, some have timing devices during the race and display the splits for those.  The last marathon I did only listed the split for a turn around point, which was somewhere near 18 1/2 miles.

              CT JEFF

                Hey - My next big run is my HM end of Sept. Didnt do great on my first (and only) HM with 2:15. It was very hot and humid, but I think I could have done at least 2:05 had the weather been even slightly better.


                Anyway- today I did a 5K, because it sounded fun. I got a new PR 25:49. So, I took that to RunWorks running calculator. It estimates me being able to do a 1:58:49 HM today. Although this seems overly optimistic at this time, its a nice bookmark of where I am and how much work I need to do over the summer. I have one more 5K planned for mid August, so that should be a good test of where I am in my training.

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                  doc-  Glad the hamstring is feeling better!  Congrats on signing up for the 50k.  You're going to do great!  That last loop will go quickly since you'll be chatting it up with your friend.  I played a joke on DH the other day.  I was leaving for a run and he asked if it was a long one.  'No, only 8'.  'That's pretty long'.  'No, my long runs are double digits or more'.  'More?'.  'Yeah, triple digits.  I've signed up for a 100 mile race'.  The look on his face was priceless.  In a sort of panicked voice,  'When did you do that?!?!'.  But then I had to go and laugh and ruin it.  I could've kept him going for a while but I can never keep a straight face.


                  hector-  Nice that your 10 miler went so well.  Hopefully all those niggly pains are gone for good!


                  blue-  Good luck this weekend!  You're going to get your revenge this time.  A different RD, I hope, who knows how to mark a course.  This will help you put the other one (which never happened) behind you.


                  Wolfy-  Have you gained back your weight yet?  I don't think you had anything to lose in the first place so a loss of 15lbs is pretty major.  Glad your feeling normal again.


                  stever-  That's a major difference in your marathon goal time but I'm sure you've made all the calculations and find it reasonable.  I've only noticed mile markers in the races I've run but sometimes in the results some of the splits are in kilometers.


                  Tara-  I'm thinking of running a 10k around the 3rd of August.  I need to decide soon before the price jump.  Good luck Saturday!  Seeing as how I just ran my first 10k trail race, I can advise you to wipe any thoughts of maintaining your road 10k pace.  I just about killed myself the first mile which made for a very miserable 5 miles to go.   Go by effort and don't compare your trail time to your road time.  They're completely different races.  Someone said, I think it was Nathan, to compare your time with others running the same race not with your other race times.  Have fun!


                  Jeff-  Congrats on the new 5k PR!  You can use that time to set new training paces.


                  me-  Yesterday I kept trying to access RA but without luck.  Today I see there was some kind of upgrade/maintenance which suffered some setbacks.  (and now I don't see anyone's avatar!)

                  URD for me today.  Last night I started feeling a pain on the inside of my shin bone.  There's a knot and it's very tender.  I don't remember banging it but that's not saying much.  I think I bump, bang, smash, crush body parts on such a regular basis that I don't even notice it anymore.   Anyway, I also feel some pain when I toe off so I thought it best to take the day off.  It's a cut back week that's turned into a super-duper cut back week.  I guess I'll go to the gym.

                  In other news, Running Warehouse was so kind as to send me some brand new kicks!  Yes, I finally ordered the Saucony Kinvara 3 in the orange, pink, purple, yellow crazy colors.  They're gorgeous!  I have a date with them in Sacramento for a marathon.

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                  If you ask

                    Stever - dodge, duck, dive, dodge... Way to avoid being smacked in the face.  The larger city marathons may have km markings for those we are familiar with, 5k, 10k, 15k, 30k.


                    Miele - how many times have you run CIM?  I'm running Phila for the third  time this year.  It's convenient, well-organized, and a good time of the year.   I hope the resting helps heal what ails you.  I'm terrified of annoying my ITB, so I've been very careful., Speaking tenderly to it, playing soft music... Love that you got some new shoes; it's one of my favorite things to do.


                    Docjen - I'm actually quite envious of your 50k. I really want to run one if I can ever find the right time of year to do so, meaning the race has to not conflict with something else I'm running.  The race you chose sounds great.  What's it called?  9 hours is plenty of time.


                    Hector - I'm happy to see that the rest helped you heal and that you were able to run a nice 10 miles.


                    Blue - good luck with getting your PR.  5k races are so hard. I love a run that is longer just because it feels so good.


                    Wolfie - happy that you are recovered.  I like to keep my running up to where I am able to run a half marathon distance at all times. Not a PR training type, but able to run the distance.


                    Tara - good luck on your race!  My advice for trail running is 1) don't go out too fast as the terrain and hills can take a

                    lot of effort that one who runs just roads may not be prepared 2) walk steep hills if the effort to run them is not getting you up it any faster than if you're walking 3)  watch your step, always, and 4) if there is a stream, run through it.  Don't try to keep your feet dry by slowly finding a way to cross.  Have fun!!!  I like what Miele said, as well.  I think my road 10k PR is 51 minutes, but my trail 10k PR is 1:04.


                    Jeff - congrats on a new PR.  I hope you are able to reach your goal for your next half!


                    Me - after Saturday's aches, I rested until my Weds run.  We ran the road-trail-road for 9 miles and it was painfree!  Whoot Whoot!  but I'm continuing to take it easy, as I have four weeks until marathon training begins, so I think it's better to cut back now and be prepared.  I am, however, hoping to do well at the next race, July 4, 4 miler. Anyway, may run today or wait until tomorrow.  Im in a "better safe than sorry" mode.

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                      Welcome back Jeff, Good luck on the sub 2.00 goal. You will get it done if you keep pushing !!


                      Me ; Slow but steady week. Did another 5.6miles on thurs and 8 miles this morning. Only totaled around 19miles for this week of three runs but I am happy with it since it is my first true week back since the marathon and my big hike.  I kept my runs in the low 8:00min paces and felt good but really hot outside. I might start running at midnight or 4:00am or something. This weather is getting awful for long runs. Anyways I will rest tomorrow and start again on Monday morning. Smile

                        5k  = 19.48 10/1/13

                      10k  = 45.28 4/16/13

                      Half Marathon = 1:38.53  Summer Sizzle 7/13/14

                      Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/12  4:39.11

                      Solo O Marathon 06/02/13  3:52:10

                      Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/13 3:40.34


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                        Jeff -- congrats on the 5K PR!


                        miele -- yes, the course was marked properly at least!  Not that it helped... I'm excited vicariously for your new shoes.  I want some, but can't possibly justify them.


                        Edith -- I live in "better safe than sorry" mode; it is very true.  Glad you're feeling good, though!


                        Wolf -- I'm not going to say it, I hate clichés... but good to hear you're getting back into it.


                        me -- so, my 5K?  71°.  81% humidity.  I can't stand it!!  I didn't PR, but I don't know how close I came because my chip didn't register.  Argh.  I have a RR here, if anyone's interested in my temper tantrum.


                        Can't believe I'm saying this, but -- I can't wait for fall.

                        chasing 5:59


                        because i never shut up ... i blog


                          Bluerun – sorry to hear that your chip didn’t register the time.


                          Wolfwalker23 – Glad to know that you are recovered. Most people go for an easy run after recovering, but you went for an 8 min/mile. I can see you enjoy fast workouts more than easy ones.


                          TaraC – I felt fine after 10k. wasn’t sore, but noticed that I got little slower. How did your 10k trail race go?


                          stever1966 – you had very impressive fast 9k run.


                          Miele – sorry to hear about the pain in your shin. Knot doesn’t sound good. You got some toe pain as wellSad Are you running a lot of miles these days? May be take a couple of days off and/or reducing miles might help. I am sure that you will rock your Sacramento marathon in new Kinvara 3. I don’t know how many marathons are there in Sacramento, but my brother in law is going to run a marathon in Sacramento later this year.


                          EdithRevisited – good call in taking it easy when you needed to. It is exciting that you will soon start your marathon training.


                          Me – went trail running on Saturday. Ran 6 miles with the wife and then 5 with a friend. This friend hates running slow and I had very hard time staying with him this time. I took 2 gels and had to walk a couple of times. Later on when uploaded the workout, I saw that my average heart rate was 193 bpm for that run! No wonder I was feeling horrible running it.


                            Wow, judging from this page alone, I've missed quite a bit during my week in the desert. Well, ok...I wasn't actually in "the desert" but close enough to bask in 112 degree temps for daytime highs and only upper 70s for nighttime lows. Needless to say, I was one happy person! We stayed at a beautiful house in Surprise, AZ, which is a suburb of Phoenix. Great little subdivision with lovely asphalt roads and very little traffic - perfect for running. Best part was that I was never cold - not even one little chill bump! We did a 14 miler that started with temps in the low 80s and finished in the high 90s, but even that was wonderful.


                            wolf - What kind of hike did you do?


                            stever - Your paces are awesome. I'd bet a 3:29 marathon is definitely do-able for you.


                            tara - How did the trail race go? It was this past Saturday, right?


                            blue - That sucks that your chip didn't register! Is there any way they can give you a time using your bib #?


                            docjen - You're going to do great in a 50k. One of those is on my bucket list. I'll have to read back a few pages to see when it is and when training starts for you.


                            Jeff - Congrats on the new PR!


                            miele - I hope your shin bump is gone, along with the pain. Yay for new shoes! I love brightly colored shoes - I'm sure there are studies that show they help you run faster.


                            Edith - Good call on resting rather than pushing and ending up injured. Which marathon are training for?


                            hector - Nice running on Saturday. Does your fast friend ever slow down? It seems like sooner or later, something is going to force him to, and it probably won't be anything pleasant.


                            Me - I'm back up to around 35 miles per week. We ran every day on vacation, and my body did just fine. I'm finding I do best with a variety of distances and paces, rather than the same pace on every run like I did during marathon training last year. I'm aiming for 5 days a week of running with some strength training mixed in, and 2 days of long bike rides, like 60-90 minutes. I got a good deal on a sweet bike, and it makes all the difference. DH and I usually just ride our local greenway path for 20-30 miles, and I'm finding it's really helping build my endurance.


                            Hope everyone has a great week!

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                              Glad to hear everyone seems to be adjusting to the summer well....I always find the transition a bit hard - both in working out and in dealing with my kids/work.  I love love love the Boston summers and try to find a way to balance being outside with them, getting my job done and now, getting good quality workouts.


                              Blue-  EGAD!  I ready your blog and I would be mightily angry!!!! You must write some sort of letter to them  - what an awful way to manage a race.  You should at least be refunded your race fee......


                              Miele - NEW SHOES!  Always a boost for the psyche and speed :-)  I haven't tried anything crazy yet and am an Adidas fan if you can believe it.


                              Jan - My hubby just got a new bike and he says it makes all the difference in the world.  Good for you! Do you and your hubby run together?


                              Wolf - It's been hot here on the east coast this week, but I have nothing to compare to what you normally run in....and I happen to like the heat....


                              So....the trail race was.....HARD!  It was quite hot about 74 and very humid.  And only 1 water station for a 10K - There were a lot of hills and it was tough going - but I finished in 45:31 and was quite pleased with it.  I don't know how many more I will do...but it was a different experience for sure.


                              This week I am taking it slow and easy in the heat - will get our for some mile repeats later this week.....and then I am running two legs of this - a fundraising relay that started in CA and will finish at the Boston Marathon finish line.  Hubby, I and 5 others from our running group. That is on Sunday in the afternoon - so we are all pumped for that-

                              Ready, go.


                              CT JEFF

                                HI ALL - been working on dealing with Heat / Humidity / Hills. Also trying some of Barefoot Ken Bob's techniques.


                                So, the goal is 9:09 pace for HM. Thats 2:00. I have a 5K for mid Aug to check how Im doing. But my training is going for the HM this fall.

                                Last HM was very hot / humid and I wasnt ready at all for the weather. From my PRs, I think I am close enough to hit that 9:09. At the very least, I am going to take some time off my one (and only) HM PR.

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