RunningAhead iPhone app? (Read 264 times)

    Is there an app I can use so my runs can be loaded easily to RA?  Right now I am using Runkeeper and manually uploading my data.  I see they have an android app but I currently use an iPhone 5.



      There isn't one.


      I just export the GPX file in runkeeper and then upload it into RunningAhead.


      A little bit of a pain, but worth it for the features of the RunningAhead log.

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        There's an Android app?  Where?

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          There is an Android app called "HandyRunner" that an RA user developed but it has not been updated or maintained in years. It is not a product of RunningAhead.

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            <<^^Click on the HOME tab above, top left.

            Scroll down on the bottom of the home page and they show it.  Its called Handy Runner.


            Hope it works for you!