WordPress Widget for RunningAHEAD (Read 1077 times)

    I recently created a WordPress widget to encapsulate the RunningAHEAD log info that Eric exposes via JavaScript. Of course, you could always manually add it to your template pages, but being in a widget makes it easier to add it to your WordPress sidebars without having to dig into your templates. It also makes it easier if you regularly change templates. You can download it from the link below and see instructions on how to configure it: RunningAHEAD WordPress Widget Derek



      Very cool! Once I update my theme to one that uses widgets I'll have to give it a go. (I'm still using the theme I used with wordpress 1.5 - just been updating it as I go...)

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        Hey, that's fabulous! I just added it and it's super user-friendly. Which is good because I'd rather be running than messing with templates! Thanks!

          Does this still work 5 years later? Wondering if I have to pay for my theme to incorporate your widget...






            Neato, might have to try this.