Control which training plan appears in calendar (Read 256 times)


    I wish I could manually control whether or not I want a training plan to appear in the calendar. I sometimes make two versions of a training plan and I want to keep the alternate one around for reference, but I don't want it cluttering up the calendar.





      As a work around you could you set the date on the alternate/reference one to 1/1/1900 or something you are not likely to looking at in the calendar. Should minimize the clutter.


      You can do this by editing the alternate/reference plan and changing the start date to 1/1/1900 while having the "shift date range" box checked. If you do not have the "shift date range" box checked you will get an error telling you yor plan cannot be more than 200 weeks long.



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        I didn't consider your particular scenario.  I think a retire or hide option is called for.  I've added it to my list of todos.  No idea when I can get to it but it should be much sooner than later.